Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jail Break!

Today, I had yet another close call with Peanut. I definitely almost lost her...and I thought it was for real this time.

The lock on the gate to our fence keeps breaking. This is the fourth time, and we've even had it replaced (thank goodness we're almost outta here.) 

So, I'm standing in my kitchen, making myself some lunch, when I look outside and see a Boston Terrier that looks strikingly like Peanut. Then, I see a pug. Uh oh.

I ran outside and saw the gate was wide open, and now I have 2 doggies running around the streets of my neighborhood.

Since Wiggles tends to be the lazier of the two, he came back when called, but not Peanut. She wanted to play a game of "chase me" all the way down the street. I realized that she's way too fast for me, so I ran back to the house, grabbed my keys and hopped in my car.

I see her little black and white butt running all the way out of our neighborhood and onto the main road. Shit. 

Luckily, she decided to stay on the sidewalk. I see a white pickup truck pull up beside her and a sweet lady gets out and calls her, just as I throw myself out of my car, wet from the rain and exhausted from running all over the neighborhood. She grabs a very happy Peanut and hands her over. I thank her breathlessly as I grab my bad dog. Thank goodness Peanut's a social little pup, or else it could have been a bad situation. 

Phew! Crisis averted. Remind me to check the dang gate


Cole said...

That's so scary!! Beckett likes to try and run for it when I leave for work in the morning... Thank goodness, he never goes anywhere but my car door. :-)

Heather said...

It was awful! I was totally freaking out. Thank God I got her, or I would have been a mess.

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Oh wow - your heart must have stopped!! Glad everything was ok...our cat tries to run out every so often, too. always makes me nervous.