Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Case of Wine? Why not?

I took a little trip to Pittsburgh this weekend to visit my friend, Amanda, and her adorable baby! 

Baby Becca is 3 months old and she could IS...the most well-behaved, adorable baby I've ever laid eyes on. She barely cried or fussed, took her naps on command, giggled, cooed and gave toothless smiles all weekend. 

She's such a joy, she makes having a baby around look like a piece of cake. However, she did projectile vomit on me once. But I was bouncing her all around right after she ate, soooo it's probably my fault. I also got to see the breast pump in action. Seriously, it looks like a torture device. I'm not looking forward to that in the future.

Anyway, Amanda's husband took on baby duty Saturday afternoon while we hit the mall and the winery. I love a good winery...especially one with free tastings. Though I've been to the Narcissi Winery several times, they always have something new...and I never turn down free wine. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Yours truly ended up buying a case...yes, a case, of wine (12 bottles.) I justify this by the fact that I don't get there a whole lot and I love, love their wine. I recommend the Riesling, Peach and De Chaunac. Delicious.

Now I have to unpack. And try to kick my case of the Sunday blues. 

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