Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Minute with the Pups

First of all, I've just to to acknowledge all of the encouraging comments and emails I received from the "Thanks for Judging" post. I was overwhelmed with support from people who FINALLY had some good things to say. And positive words for sticking to my plan. THANK YOU. It's certainly appreciated and made me feel a million times better.

Second, I realize that I've been neglecting my first babies on here recently. The pups. They're still here, still kicking, and sniffing around all the baby stuff that's been popping up at the house over the past month. Here's a few precious moments from the last month or so:

Wiggle wrap. All wrapped up in fleece at a visit at my parent's. 

Tanning. Rough life.

Wiggles helping me get some work done. He's very inspiring.

Peanut giving me the stink eye.

Peanut snuggling up with her very comfy? rope bone for naps. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby A: 24 Weeks!

24 weeks with Baby A. Sorry, taken at the bathroom at work...and for some reason my edited version is posting sideways!

Total Weight Gain: Still down 4 pounds from prepreg weight. I've started putting on some poundage in the last few weeks. Which, although I know is inevitable, makes me nervous. Why? Because I've spent so long trying to LOSE weight, now that I see the scale creeping up, it makes me feel terrible. And also because I don't want to get in trouble from my OB. I'm aiming to gain a MAX of 20 pounds with this kid, so I really need to watch it.
Maternity Clothes: I'm almost exclusively in all things maternity. I have 2 pairs of prepreg pants that still fit. About 2 shirts. A smattering of sweatpants. And that's about all she wrote.  Although I do have to say that today I was sporting all prepregnancy gear.
Stretch Marks? Still haven't seen any. I hope they do NOT make their way onto this bod. Here's what I do have though. HEARTBURN. This kid better pop out with a full head of lucious locks.
Sleep: Here's where things have changed since last time. It's getting noticably harder to get comfortable at night. I'm working on trying to have the right combo of pillow/blankets to get the job done, all without trying to disturb hubs TOO much. I have not succeeded yet. Out of 4 night this week? I've slept 2. Also, I pee a lot again. I feel like this baby is sitting on top of my bladder.
Movement: I have a karate kid. He kicks, punches and jabs all the time. Throughout the day.  A TON at night and a lot after I eat. Hubs finally got to feel it and his reaction was priceless. He just got a huge smile and said "Wow, he's really in there." Yes, yes he is. You helped make that, honey.
Exercise: I'm still trying to walk up to 4 times a week. That's about all though. I'm looking into prenatal yoga soon. I think that would be beneficial.
Food cravings: Chocolate milk and frozen yogurt. At least I'm getting my dairy, right? Also, I eat ALL THE TIME. It's unbelievable how hungry I become a mere hour after dinner. Hubs calls it "Prego Feeding Time."
Belly Button In or Out: It's on it's way to fully out. Almost there, but not quite.
Milestone: Folks, I THINK we might finally have a name for this kid. Although I won't be sharing it. Mostly because I don't want to hear if you hate it. It'll hurt my feelings. I'll tell you that it's not conventional. Not very common. That's what we like. Perhaps I'll give away the initials when we're finally decided. Someday, I'll share the names I wanted and why they were crossed off the list by hubs. It's pretty hilarious.

Hubs is also assembling the crib this weekend, along with the pack and play that I plan on purchasing on tomorrow. After that? We'll wait until the baby shower for the rest of the gear and then go shopping afterwards for whatever we didn't get.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thanks for the Judging

You know, ever since I got pregnant, I suddenly started receiving a TON of unwanted advice. The judgy kind. 

I'm all about advice. That's how you learn, right? Learn from other people's experiences, although no two experiences are ever exactly alike. 

I've been most surprised at the judging I've received for choosing to breastfeed. Which hasn't made any sense to me. It's best for baby, right? Best for health, boosting immune systems, it's free and readily available. Then WHY have I constantly been hearing from other women, "Oh, you're going to breastfeed? Well, that won't last long." What?? Thanks for the encouragement. Is it going to be hard? I'm SURE it's going to be rough. Will I pump when I got back to work? That's the plan. I know the best laid plans sometimes fail, but at least let me give it a shot before everyone gets negative. Plus, it's not forever. I'd like to make it to a year, which I'm sure is a huge challenge especially with working full time and having a traveling husband. 

Speaking of working, I've also received a fair share of judging about that. Yes, I'm going back to work full time. Yes, my child will be put into daycare. No, I cannot afford NOT to work. With paying on a mortgage, car, bills, health insurance, saving for retirement, it's virtually impossible to live on a single income these days. And people need to stop assuming that my husband makes boatloads of money just because he travels. That is NOT the case. Yes, I'm entrusting my child into the care of another woman. She's qualified, her home is immaculate, she's got tons of experience and a great set up. 

Would I work even if hubs did make tons of money? At least part time. Especially since he travels. You might have to book me a room at the nearest psych facility if I had to be alone 24/7, just me and a baby. I would need a little adult interaction, you know? But that's just me. To each their own.

I've also acquired the Baby Bullet from my sister as a gift. Do I plan to use it? Yes. Have a received comments about this too? Hell yeah. That being a working mom means I'll never have time to make my own baby food. Well, I've also heard that just being a working woman mean you'll never have time to make dinner. I cook 6 nights a week. I'm sure I can handle making a batch of baby food. If I can't? Then I go to the jar. But let me try it! How about some encouragement. 

And my ultra favorite thing to hear are the BOATLOADS of horrible baby stories. No one seems to tell me how great motherhood is. Instead, I'm constantly hearing of the colic/acid reflux/no sleep/you'll hate your life for several months stories. Do I think that's going to happen? Probably. But each baby is different. Don't assume mine will be just like yours. 

I know it's going to be hard. My husband will be traveling. I have no family within a short driving distance. I can only rely on friends and the flexibility of my workplace. But I've got to try. Because if I didn't, I'd never be a mom. 

And if it becomes too much for me? Then I'll say, "You were right."