Friday, July 29, 2011


Happy freaking Friday!

Thank you to everyone who entered my very first giveaway! I put together a little spreadsheet of names, then went to to generate a number for the winner....Number 3 was...


Aly's getting ready to get hitched in just over 2 months and has been documenting her journey on her blog, Snapshot of Us. Here's why she said she needs the Bondiband:

Why I need a Bondiband?
I probably sweat more than your husband. Sadly. I used to have a shirt for soccer practice that said, "I'm not sweating, I'm SPARKLING." That's how much I sweat.
And my wedding is in 65 days, so the Bondiband would jump-start my need for serious motivation to exercise more. And I like free stuff.

I wish I had more to giveaway to everyone. But I'm hoping I'll be able to have another giveaway in the near future. 

As promised, I do have a few sweet coupon codes to use if you order from

Buy 3, Get 1 Free - Code: ONE
Five for $25 - Code: FIVE

I took advantage of the 5 for $25. I probably need more because as soon as my order came in, hubs promptly stole half. Greedy much? 

Fitness Friday

It's been a big week in fitness for me. Why? Because this week, I ran an entire mile without walking! 

Many of you might say "So what? It's only a mile." True. It is only a mile. But it's a mile I haven't been able to run since say, my freshman year of college. And it means I'm one step closer to being able to run the 5K on August 27th.

And honestly, I haven't figured out why all of the sudden I could run a mile. I've been doing the run/walk intervals from Couch to 5K for about 5 weeks and I was kind of sucking. But I'd also been running in the heat and humidity. Wednesday was a morning run. Lovely temps. 0% humidity. Perhaps that's it? Whatever it was, I like it. And I'll be trying for another tomorrow morning. 

Here's my workout breakdown for this week:

Sunday: 30 Day Shred with Jillian

Monday: 2 mile run/walk intervals, squats, lunges, abs
Tuesday: Cardio kickboxing at home (because the martial arts classes are booked for another 2 weeks) Upper body strength exercises.
Wednesday: 1 mile RUN and .5 mile walk. I clocked my mile at about 9:15...which I'm not sure where that came from either. 6 Week, 6 Pack with Jillian in the evening.
Thursday: Rest day - because damn if my legs didn't feel like they were on fire.
Today? I was supposed to get up to run, but sleep won. I think I'll be doing 30 Day Shred and then getting up to run tomorrow morning before the heat hits. 

How'd you do this week?

PS - Stay tuned for the announcement of the Bondiband giveaway winner this afternoon! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Don't You Make Me Pies?

Yesterday, hubs and I were hanging out in the kitchen, cleaning up from dinner, singing kitchen songs, and all of the sudden he says:

"You've never made me a pie." 

**stunned silence**

Me: "No, but you've never asked me to."
Him: "Well, I just assumed that's something you'd do. Bake pies for your husband."
Me: "HA! I don't just 'bake' pies for no reason. I'm not a baker. I'm not your mother."
Him: "That's a shame. My mother's a great baker."
Me: "Maybe you should have married your mother."
Him: "Maybe I should've."


Me: "Fine, I'll make you a pie. Just to prove to you that I can."
Him: *claps* "Yay! Pie!"

And today, I made a pie. But I cheated. A lot. He doesn't know that though. He thinks I can make a decent pie. From scratch. Who has time for that shit? Not this girl. 

I made him this. Still delicious. WAY less work. And it's light, because we're watching our girlish figures around these parts.

Light Banana Cream Pie - A La Heather

1 container, light whipped topping
1 box, instant vanilla pudding mix
1 3/4 milk (I made it with skim, but I think 2% is probably better for setting purposes)
3 bananas, sliced
1 ready-made pie crust

Mix pudding, milk and half of the whipped topping. Put sliced bananas into the pie crust. Cover with pudding mix. Top with the rest of the whipped topping. Garnish with bananas. Chill for 4-6 hours.

*Note: We did not chill for 4-6 hours as directed. So it was soupy. But still delicious. 

PS - There's still time to enter the Bondiband giveaway! Do it! I'm trying to be generous here. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rave Reviews and Giveaway!

Have you heard I've been running lately? No? I didn't mention it? Psychhhh. You're probably sick of hearing about it and how awful it is I'm trying to do a 5K in a month. 

And while I run, I need some gear. My iPod, iPod arm strap, proper attire, comfy kicks, watch (for timing intervals), and now? My Bondiband. Never heard of it? I hadn't either until I read a review of one on another blog. I knew I needed to have one (or several.) I sweat when I run. Yep. And not the "glistening" kind. The gross kind. Drippy, stingy, in my eyes kind. 

Enter Bondiband. Not only does this thing keep my hairs out of my face, but it also keeps the runny sweat off of it. Here's me and my schweaty self with my Bondiband. And I even put arrows pointing to it....for extra emphasis:

Want one? I know you do. Well, the fine folks at Bondiband have one for me to give to one of you lucky readers. Here's what you've got to do to win:

First, you must be a follower of my blog, but you don't have to be a blogger to enter. 

  • Comment on this post telling me why you need yourself a Bondiband. 
  • For one additional entry, tweet about this giveaway including the link. Come back and comment letting me know you did. 
  • For one additional entry, post this on Facebook, including the link. Come back and comment letting me know you did. 
  • For two additional entries, blog about this giveaway, including the link. Come back and post a comment (with your blog link) letting me know you did. 
You have until Friday at noon to enter. I'll post the winner and some AWESOME coupon codes on this week's Fitness Friday! 

Good luck! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fitness Friday

Oh, hello Friday! Nice to see you! Have I ever told you that you're my favorite? No? You are. You should come around more often. 

And because it's Friday, I shall share with you a cute Puggy photo, courtesy of Pinterest:

Another week, another workout. Obviously, I already told you all about my adventures in kickboxing from Tuesday. I'm still feeling the effects of that one. And, oh by the way, it's as hot as the seventh circle of Hell here right now, so my outside running has been at a bare minimum. I'm all about pushing myself, but 119 degree heat index will melt me faster than a frozen margarita in the blazing sun. Speaking it happy hour yet?

Here's a roundup of all things fitness for me this week:

Sunday: A nice little run at the park near my parents' house. The track was flat, which was amazing. Because I ended up running longer than I have yet. Seeing as how the neighborhood around my house is a maze of hills and inclines, the flat course was a relief. 

Monday: Rest day. 

Tuesday: Kickboxing ass-kicking

Wednesday: Treadmill jog (before the belt decided to fray and give out) and a nice combo of squats/lunges.

Thursday: Morning run/walk. Mostly walk because dammit if I didn't still feel awful from Tuesday's ass-kicking. Then in the evening I did some weight training and more squats/lunges.

Friday: I have a date with my girl Jillian Michaels and the 30 Day Shred, followed by 6 Week 6 Pack. Jealous? You should be. 

Saturday: I plan to get up as early as possible to run before the heat swoops in. 

My goal next week? To get my lazy behind out of bed by 6:00 AM and get in a morning run. At least twice. I can do that, right? Who wants to give me a wakeup call? 

PS - In other exciting news, I'll be hosting my very first giveaway soon, and YOU (that's right, YOU) can be the winner! Details to follow. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kickass Boxing

Last night, I took my very first kickboxing class. And we're not talking cardio/aerobic kickboxing, we're talking "Grab a partner and punch the shit out of their pads," kind of kickboxing. The "Let's incorporate some crazy P90X style moves" kind of kickboxing. And ironically, we didn't kick at all...not even once. Except for the swift kick in balls I wanted to give the instructor by the end of class. 

There were at least 2 separate times I thought I might pass out and/or puke all over myself. But I didn't. I finished. My friend Jenny and I partnered up to beat the crap out of each other. Well, not really. We started strong, but ended with some wimpy punches. They were out of gloves, so at one point poor Jenny was punching bare-fisted. 

There were about 18 people in the class. One guy, the rest ladies. The instructor was a male, slight potbelly, in his 50s? I laughed in my head when I walked in...not knowing what I was in for. But he kicked our asses. I think my breaking point was doing running step-ups on a tire, then doing partner-assisted sit-ups passing a kettlebell back and forth. That's when I started to feel the vomit rise in my throat. Luckily, I made it through without projectile puking on Jenny. 

I can totally see how people lose a ton of weight doing kickboxing like this. Average calories burned is about 800. More than half my daily intake (I'm currently at 1200.) 

Will I be going back for a second round of torture? You bet. Especially now that I have a partner. It would have been way less enjoyable without someone to bitch to. Plus, I paid for a Groupon and I have 3 glasses left. And I want my free gloves. I don't get them until next time. Free things motivate me. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Love Free Stuff

Since hubs and I have been running, we've been experiencing a lot more aches and pain than usual. From muscles we didn't even know we had. 

In addition to several Advil Liquigels, we've also been hittin' the Bengay pretty hard. Needless to say, I was scraping the tube last night. 

So I was psyched when I found out today that I can get Bengay for free at Walmart/Target! Yes, you read that right. F-R-E-E! Wanna know how? Thought so. 

All you have to do is go to, print out the $5/1 Bengay product coupon. Head over to your friendly neighborhood Walmart/Target and pick up a tube for $4.64. Use your coupon. FREE. You're welcome. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fitness Friday

Thank dear, sweet baby Jesus, it's finally Friday! 

As you all know, hubs and I are training for a 5K on August 27th (any and all donations for Team Nana are GREATLY appreciated!) He's doing amazingly well with this whole running business. Me? I'm trying. That's all that I can do. I've been doing about 3 days a week of run/walk intervals, and let me tell you something, it hurts. Those little muscles on the insides and outsides of my ankles? Throbbing. My shins? A hot mess of hurt. But I'm still working at foot in front of the other, right? 

Between the playlist on my iPod and my motivating, slightly angry "self talk", I'm not usually bored when I run. So that's a plus. I'm trying to channel my inner Jillian Michaels, telling myself that I can push harder. Thinking about the 400 pound people from Biggest Loser who go on to run 5Ks. Surely if they can do it, I can do it too. Some days that works. Other days, that voice is squashed by the Black Eyed Peas.

On my non-running days this week, I took to some cross-training. Tuesday it was 30 Day Shred with Jillian and yesterday it was supposed to be biking, but it ended up being kickboxing. More later on the bike. Let's just say, I need a new one. The one my parents brought me from high school isn't going to cut it anymore. Time for an upgrade.

And speaking of kickboxing, this Tuesday is my first class at the Martial Arts Academy. Myself and a few friends purchased a Groupon consisting of 4 classes and a free pair of boxing gloves. That's right. Gloves. Shit's about to get real. Roundhouse kicks for everyone. 

Today? No workouts. I'm off to PA for a visit with the fam. Tomorrow? Run in the park. Thank goodness it's flat. My only obstacles are rogue geese and duck poop. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wanna See My Feather?

This weekend, I decided to become hip to the newest trend. Yes, I got a feather extension in my hair. Just call me Selena Gomez. Or Ke$sha. Or make fun of me. That's ok too. You'd be in good company...ahem **Katie and hubs**

Haters gonna hate, right? 

I was representing my employer at a fair on Saturday and the booth next to me happened to be a salon offering extensions on the spot. And I've definitely seen them around the blogosphere as well, like on one of my faves and fellow Marylander, AP at I Love You More Than Carrots.

I got one that blends in with my hair and can be hidden, in case my boss doesn't like it...or I'm not feeling hip. 
See it? Yep, there it is. I'm so cool. 

And, no, this doesn't mean I'm trying to recapture my youth via the newest teenage trends. Just something fun and different for the summer. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recipe Roundup: Grapenut Pudding

Yes, you read that right. Grapenuts. Like the cereal. In a pudding. Your reaction is probably the same as everyone who I've ever told about it. Disgust, intrigue. How could that possibly be good? Well my friends, it is SO good. 

This is a central PA specialty, as is Grapenut ice cream. I think it's an Amish thing. But it's certainly a delicious thing. And really really easy. 

Grapenut Pudding

2 small or 1 large containers of whipped topping (regular or light)
2 small or 1 large box of vanilla instant pudding
3 cups milk
1 cup Grapenuts cereal

Take one cup of milk and add it to the Grapenuts and let them soak for 10 minutes. Using the other 2 cups of milk, mix with the instant pudding. Fold in whipped topping and mix in Grapenuts.  And you're done!

I advise letting it set up for about an hour. 

Seriously, I dare you to try it. And them come back and tell me how awesome I am for giving you this recipe. 

Our Invisible Fence

When hubs and I moved into our new house, there was one thing I knew we were going to be missing. A fence for the dogs. Not because we necessarily like the looks of a fence, or the maintenance, or the weedwhacking, but because we have an OCD pug who takes about an hour to find the perfect place to poop. And quite frankly I don't have that kind of patience...or time to piss around in the morning. 

So we went and got ourselves an Invisible Fence. Now, before you go reporting me to PETA for animal cruelty, hear me out. Our dogs like their freedom. I like their freedom. It's nice that they can run around the yard without worrying about them getting hit by a car or humping the neighbor's leg. I read the reviews. The good, the bad. And as of a week ago, we were the proud owners of this fence. 

We started the training exactly like we were told. And Saturday was their first day of freedom in the yard. Sure, there were some shocks...literally. Both dogs attempted to go out of the yard to chase birds, but they learned quickly. And the statement, "this hurts me than it hurts you" is so true. Hubs and I cringed every time they got close to the boundary. 

And as good pet parents, hubs and I decided we needed to see exactly what we were doing to our pets. So we strapped the collars onto our arms and ran through the fence ourselves. It only seemed fair. And honestly? It wasn't too terrible. More surprising than anything. Kind of like when you put a 9 volt battery on your tongue. 

So, two thumbs up for the new fence. The pups have a new found sense of freedom, as do hubs and I.