Friday, August 24, 2012

This Post is Full of Sunshine and Rainbows!

You ever have those days where you need to bitch and moan? Today's one of those days. This blog isn't always sunshine and rainbows, so I'm warning of slippery road ahead. If you're not ok with a little negativity, then I suggest you find yourself elsewhere for today.

1. I'm sore. Straight up, like I ran a marathon then topped it off with 1,000 push ups and kegels sore. My back, my pelvis. Apparently pushing around the vaccum has turned into an Olympic sport for this preggo. Don't worry though. The doc checked me out last week to make sure I wasn't dilated. I'm not, in case you were worried. She just happened to mention, "Ah, the third trimester. This is when you really start to understand why most people hate to be pregnant."

2. I've been planning on taking 12 weeks FMLA since before I got pregant. So I applied in June, like a good little employee. But now I'm getting hit with "We can only give you 6 weeks, then you have to get a note from the pediatrician for an additional 4 weeks, and oh, by the way, if you want that other 2 weeks? Go back to your OB and get another form signed for 2 weeks." Are you kidding me? I thought this shit was regulated by the federal government. Cripes. This is exactly what I want do to when I have a screaming newborn. Fill out a bunch of papers and try to fax them out.

3. There's nothing like being pregnant and alone. Especially during your third trimester. Hubs' travel schedule has been off the charts since March and he won't be back on solid MD soil until mid-October. You know. Right AFTER I'm full term. Let's hope this boy decides to stay put until then.

4. I wish all my grass would hurry up and die. I hate mowing the lawn and I especially hate it while pregnant. Even though we have a riding mower, it's still a pain in my rear.

There's only 4 things that can possibly fix this angst right now. My couch and/or bed, puppy snuggles, froyo and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Normally? I'd say sushi and wine, but the the consumption of either of those treats is apparently frowned upon during pregnancy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby Bump:29 Weeks

29 weeks with Baby A.
Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds, which has put me right back at my prepreg weight according to the OB's scale. So no "official" weight gain yet, but that's definitely coming in the next few weeks because the weight seems to be coming on quicker now as baby grows. 
Maternity Clothes: Um, yeah. I'm the size of a house, so therefore all maternity clothes are in order. Which, by the way, I'm getting sick of my wardrobe. I'm missing my other duds.
Stretch Marks? Still none I can tell except for a few small ones new my belly button. 
Sleep: Oh, elusive sleep. I haven't had a full 8 hours in quite some time. I wake up twice a night to pee or change positions. I totally miss sleeping on my belly. 
Movement: He's on the move! He goes through spurts. It's slowed down a little as I've gotten bigger because there's not as much room in there. But now when he moves, it makes my whole belly shake.
Exercise: I'm still walking when I can, but not nearly as much. My energy has been zapped as of late. 
Food cravings: Cherries. I can't get enough. And corn nuts. Weird, right?
Belly Button In or Out: Almost out! 
Milestone: I took my SECOND 3 hour gestational diabetes test last week and much to my surprise, the results came back negative! So bring on the froyo :)

I had my regular appointment today and did find out I'm anemic. This naughty baby boy has stolen all my iron. So, that's probably why I've been so freaking tired lately. She started me on an iron supplement, so that should help. I also started with some fun symptoms that everyone pelvic pain and back pain. She checked to make sure I'm not dilated (thank GOD I'm not) and simply said the pelvic pain is my body stretching my ligaments to get me ready for delivery. Because, oh yeah, that'll be here in just over 2 months...or less!

Finally, I'm going to leave you with the first letter of Baby Boy A's name. R. That's all you get :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Banana Peanut Butter Faux Frosty

You know what's delicious? Bananas. And Frosty's. And peanut butter. 

Do you know what I have for you guys? A delicious concoction that tastes like a banana, peanut butter frosty. And guess what? It's good for you. And guess what else? It's 3 ingredients. 

I know, right!?

I've seen variations of this floating around Pinterest and Facebook. So I decided to make it my own. 

Peanut Butter Banana Faux Frosty Treat
3 bananas, cut into chunks, frozen
3 tablespoons dark chocolate almond milk (regular chocolate milk will work fine too)
1 tablespoon peanut butter

Cut your banana into chunks and freeze solid. Take frozen chunks and throw them into the food processor or blender. This part takes the longest. Keep pushing them down until they start to break up. Add almond milk. Blend to a creamy, soft serve-like consistency. Once you get to that state, add your peanut butter. Then, get this:

Then come back and thank me for showing you this delicious treat. You'd never know it's just bananas, almond milk and peanut butter. But it's sooooo good. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Bump: 27 Weeks

25.5 weeks...I look way smaller here than in the next picture. I think it's the black.
27 weeks

Total Weight Gain: At my last appointment, I had gained 3 pounds. So I'm still -5 pounds from prepreg weight. 
Maternity Clothes: Pretty much everything! The full panel pants are my friend. So much so, I'd like to wear them after this baby arrives. Is that wrong?
Stretch Marks? I think I spotted a few small ones around my belly button. I can't really tell though. 
Sleep: Ugh. Sleep. A thing I can't get anymore. I wake up 1-2 times a night to pee. Then I wake up when I've rolled on my stomach. And I wake up when the clock strikes 4:12. But I had to take a Benadryl the other day, and that my friends, knocked me out ALL night. 
Movement: This kid's on the move for most of the day. And I think getting his head stuck in weird places because sometimes my belly feels hard and I get a little pressure to one side. Then it goes away. The doc said he's just wiggling his way around in there. 
Exercise: I'm still walking. Not as much as I had been. I need to get back on that. 
Food cravings: No cravings right now. Isn't that strange? I'm still favoring chocolate almond milk. And frozen yogurt. Oh, and caprese salad. But that's about it. 
Belly Button In or Out: Almost out! 
Milestone: Tomorrow is the first day of my third trimester. Today marks exactly 3 months until he's due to make his grand entrance. Is it wrong that I'm a little terrified? Excited, but terrified. 

He's already got a bunch of clothes thanks to great family and friends. Like this little outfit.

And the nursery has a theme. Non-cartoony jungle animals. Patterns. Blue and chocolate brown. Here's a little peek into some wall art I made.

And here's where the babe will be sleeping.

More pics on the way when this nursery is finally done!