Monday, February 28, 2011


Day 13: Post a picture of you favorite artist or band. 

This was an easy one. My favorite band of all time is...

Here are some fun facts about me and DMB:

  • They were my very first concert at the ripe age of 14. I was accompanied by my friend Jenny and my aunt and uncle, who were the coolest relatives around for bringing us. The concert was at Hershey Park, so of course we visited Chocolate World and got our sugar high on beforehand. 
  • I've been to 7 DMB concerts, and hope to get a few more under my belt. 
  • My most favorite song is Crash, though I've only ever seen it performed live one time, at the first concert. 
  • I own every album. My favorite by far is Under the Table and Dreaming
  • I know really random facts about Dave and usually drive hubs insane when I quote them. 
  • I love the "Dave Dance." Anyone who has seen him live, knows what I'm talking about. But for those of you that don't, take a peek:

Don't you just want to go to a concert now? 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Song Was Number One?

For some reason, I was wondering tonight "What song was number one when I was born?"

Because of the wonderful world of the Interwebs, I would find this out.

Look yours up. You could be surprised.

Mine? Billy Jean - Michael Jackson. Nice. 

My sister used to sing it, inserting "Heather Jean" instead. Original. 

Funny thing...Nile's was SO CLOSE to being "Walk Like an Egyptian." Oh, the irony. 

Also, birfday is less than a month away.

MARCH 22!!

In case you forgot. The big 2-8. Ugh. One foot in the grave. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

New Design

I was a sick kid today. Nothing like waking up all achy and feverish. So what did I do when I wasn't in bed? Decided to play around with my blog design. I think I FINALLY have something I like. What do you think?

Also, I'm now on Twitter! Had to stay hip, you know? Follow me! Tweet!

Now, I'm going to promptly go back to my place on the couch for some movie-watching with hubs. 

Sushi, How I Love Thee

Day 11: Post a photo of something you love.

Ok, this is hard. I love a lot of things. I love my family, friends, puppies, husband, sunny days, diet coke, my iPod. So, I'm going another route with this.

What I really, really love is:


I really love it. Hubs actually introduced me to sushi the year we graduated and moved to NJ (because sushi is not plentiful in Central PA.) I resisted. Squirmed. Stomped my feet. But then it was love at first bite. Literally. 

My first roll was spicy crab salad and eventually I moved on to the raw stuff. Salmon, tuna, eel. And once I got started, it was hard to stop me. I could have eaten it every night. 

Now that we're in Maryland, the crab-related rolls are fantastic. I currently have a fave place, but since we're moving at the end of April, looks like I must find somewhere new. Sigh.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Slithery, Slimy Snakes

Day 10 - Post a photo of something you hate. 

Now, hate's a strong word. I try not to use it very often. But if there's one thing I hate, it's...


Ok, so I really hate them, but I'm also TERRIFIED of them. I know, I know...they didn't do anything to me...they're just trying to live their slithery lives. But I don't care. I really hates them. 

First, they're sneaky. You can never see them coming. You can be walking in a field, and all of the sudden, UH OH, there's a snake in your path. Gross. 

Second, they slither, which adds to their sneakiness. Just thinking of snakes slithering makes me shudder with disgust. 

Third, the have fangs and bite. I know that they don't bite unless frightened or provokes, but anything with fangs makes me a scaredy cat.

Fourth, they're tongues are all forked and suspicious looking. Their beady eyes don't help their cause either.

You know in the old show Fear Factor, when they would dump a carton of snakes on someone laying in a glass case? That's literally my worst nightmare. I might die of fright if that ever happened to me. Die. Right there in the case. My heart would stop.

Also, I don't discriminate when it comes to my snake hate. Whether it's a little grass snake or a giant black snake, I hate them all the same. 

And now that we're moving to a house with woods in the backyard, I have a feeling I might be seeing way more snakes than I care to think about. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't Whiz On the Electric Fence (Remember that song?)

We had our home inspection on Sunday and, much to my surprise, the inspector only found minor issues! 

I usually plan for the worst, because that's usually what happens to us. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I thought maybe they'd find out that it was sinking into the ground, or the foundation was in shambles. 

But, we were lucky! We're only asking for minor repairs, which is good news. 

While we were there, we saw about 3 families of deer. Which pretty much solidifies the fact that Peanut is going to go out of her mind when we move in. 

There's no fence, and the HOA doesn't allow you to have one, so we're looking into the electric fence. You know, the one that gives the dogs a little shock when they pass the border? It sounds cruel, but I've gotta keep these dogs in the yard somehow. And with the amount of time it takes Wiggles to find the perfect spot to poop, I won't have the patience to walk with him after having a fence for the last year and a half. 

Needless to say, that will be one of our first major purchases, along with a riding mower. When did we get so adult? 

If I Didn't Have You As A Sister, I'd Choose You As A Friend

Day 9 - Post of photo of the person that's got you through the most.

And that person sister, Natalie!

She's 3 years younger than me. We're complete opposites. I'm an extrovert, she's very shy. I like writing, she like numbers. I like alternative music, she loves honky-tonk country. She drinks tequila , I drink vodka. She likes to procrastinate, I like getting things done early.

But even though we're completely opposite in mostly every way, she's always been there for me. When I was little, she was the one comforting me when I had nightmares. My mom would often find that I had snuck out of bed at night to curl up in her room. 

She helped me through break-ups. I helped her with college essays. 

I stayed on the phone with her while she vented exhaustion, sadness and frustration while she took care of Nana in her last months. 

She sent me cards when I found out hubs was traveling for work. 

She was my maid of honor and I'll be her matron in June. We've seen each other through a lot of rough patches, and we've always come out the other side with a deeper appreciation for our relationship.

"Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears." 

So true. Love you, Natty!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tomato Basil Sauce

It's been a little while since I've posted a recipe and I have a super easy one to share. My friend, Amanda, introduced me to this recipe for tomato basil sauce and it's amazing.

Tomato Basil Sauce

2 medium tomatoes, chopped
1/2 cup basil leaves, torn OR half a tube of basil (see below)
1/4 cup olive oil
2 cloves garlic
2 tbsp. grated parm cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste

In a food processor, add all of the above ingredients and process away! Warm it up or serve it cold. Serve with grilled chicken, pork, brown rice, pasta. Whatever your heart desires. We eat it on brown rice and chicken. 

And here's the basil in a tube I'm referring to (found in the produce section...amazing.)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Day 7 - Post a photo of your most treasured item.

Ok, this could be viewed as totally cliche. But my item is...

Yes, that's right. It's my engagement ring and wedding band. Not only because it's the most expensive piece of jewelry I own, but because it represents my marriage. 

Hubs picked out the engagement ring all by himself. I never told him what I wanted. He only took hints from pieces of jewelry I liked, or things I would pick out in magazines. I found out later that he'd purposely place the jewelry flyers on the table and watch me go through them to see what I liked. 

I do have a unique advantage. My uncle is a jeweler. And I have an aunt with fantastic taste. Nile told them what he wanted, and they gave him options they knew I would love. 

And they were so right. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that ring to come from my, then 22 year old, boyfriend. When we got engaged, I couldn't stop staring at it for weeks. It would catch my eye while I was driving, writing, talking. Doing anything, really. But when I look at it, it always reminds me of him. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Day 6: Post a photo of someone you'd like to trade places with for a day. 

Ok, this might surprise some people. But I'd totally be:

OPRAH! I love Oprah. I love her show, her magazine and now her television network. I love her attitude towards life, her willingness to try different things, her dedication to whatever it is she decides to be dedicated to that day. Also, I think we'd get along. We'd probably be friends. I think we have the same sense of humor and openness. However, I gather all of this knowledge from her show and what I've read. I could be way wrong. 

Either way, she's one of the most powerful people in show business. She meets people from all over the world and literally changes people's lives. I've always wanted to go see a taping of her show, and unfortunately, now I won't have the chance since it's almost over. 

I'd love to live her life for a day...just to see what it would be like. As Oprah would's FABULOUSSSSS!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our New House!

Well, after waiting, and waiting and waiting some more. 

We got our house!! Woohoo!

Here's a shot of the front of it in all it's glory:

Ahhhh, in all it's glory :)
There you have it! Home inspection is on Sunday...which stresses me out to the max. I'm always afraid they'll find something bad. Like, "Oh, yeah, sorry. This place is falling down. Literally sinking into the ground."

At least we can back out if that happens. But I REALLY love it.

It's going to be nice to be a homeowner again! (Remind me I said that when I'm bitching about something that broke and I have to fix it instead of calling the landlord.)

Club Roberts

Day 5: Post a photo of your favorite memory.

I have a lot of good memories. But this photo represents a summation of great memories from college.

Club Roberts Townhouse Flip Cup League

This was a typical Saturday night...or Friday...or Thursday, during our senior year of college. Nile lived in a townhouse with his guy friends (some of whom remain our best friends to this day.) You'd always find a ton of people hanging out in that house, drinking beer, playing games, chatting it up. I pretty much lived there too...I was there all the time. There was always someone around, always something to do, and always fun to be had. I really miss those days sometimes. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Waiting...and Waiting...and Waiting

I forgot how stressful buying a house can be. The stress of selling a house is still fresh in my mind from the disaster that was our sale in NJ (by the way, they charge you 3% of the sales price of your house, if you make a profit, just to sell it...that's ON TOP of all your other fees. Fun.)

While hubs has been home, we finally found a house that we love and can both see us raising a family it has a great yard and a 2 car garage. Something we thought we'd never have.

So, we put in a bid. Only to find out there were 2 other offers on the table! What the heck!? I thought we were in a recession, people? Why all of the sudden are people spending their money on real estate? This wasn't supposed to happen!.

Now, we're familiar with this feeling because in 2007 when we bought our first house, we bid on it and so did 4 other people. By the grace of God, we got the house. Not because we outbid them (they were all full price offers), but because the sellers like our story on paper (young newlyweds, first house, blah blah blah.)

Once again, we're in the real estate competition. And the worst part? The waiting. It's literally agony. We got a call today saying that one of the offers was rejected, so it's down to us and someone else. What did we do? Increased our offer. Here's hoping it gets us somewhere.

I've been staring at my phone all day. Every time I walk away, I come back hoping to find a missed call from my realtor. They're supposed to make a decision soon, but until then...we wait. And the possibility of a rejected offer haunts my dreams. Because not only does that mean we lost the house, it also means that the search is on hold for another 3 months because hubs goes back overseas next week.

But, if it's meant to be, it will be, right? I really hate that phrase right now.

My Favorite Night

Photo challenge, day 4 - Post a photo of your favorite night. 

And the winner issssss:

Nile and I taking our vows, May 12, 2007

Shock! It's my wedding night, duh! Granted, this is during the "late afternoon", not night. But I think my favorite memories went into the night.

Some of them include:

1. Nile forgetting his vows (we wrote them ourselves.)

2. The giant thunderstorm that struck right in the middle of our ceremony. I know rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, but I can't figure out if a thunderstorm is extra good luck or impending doom.

3. My father literally sobbing the entire walk down the aisle.

4. Walking down the aisle with my dress bustled because my maid of honor, ahem, Natalie, forgot to unbustle it. Good thing her wedding is in a few months. Payback's a beyotch :)

5. Nile and the groomsmen removing their shirts and only wearing their vests for half the reception.

6. SU '05's (college friends) renditions of Sweet Caroline, Shout and Apache.

7. Tequila shots at the hotel bar.

8. Our first dance.

9. Walking in to "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness.

10. Wrapping up the night at the hotel bar with some of my hometown's finest.

Definitely my favorite night of all time, so far in my life.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo Challenge...Day 3. 

Post of photo of the cast of your favorite TV show. 

Ok, this is really, really hard. I like a lot of TV. So, I'm not posting one...I'm posting two. And that was even hard for me to narrow it down to. 

The first is my current favorite TV show (and my fave since 2005), Grey's Anatomy.
You will notice that I posted the original cast. That includes Berk, George, Izzy and Addison. Because, let's be real for a minute, the original cast was best. Their drama was best. Grey's has totally taken a hit since they've left, which makes me sad. But I'm still a loyal fan.

This was my favorite show from days gone by, Friends.

This was a tough one. It was a close call between Friends and Beverly Hills 90210. But Friends wins, for its rerun watchability (no, that's not a word, but I made it one just now.) I wanted to be like them. I loved their life and crazy antics. I watched faithfully every week and even stayed on the phone with friends in high school, in absolute silence until the commercial break when we'd discuss what had just transpired. I've based my hair on Monica (not Rachel, oddly enough), had a crush on Ross and wanted to always go hang out at the coffee shop. I laughed, I cried, I laugh-cried. Ah, yes. Those were the days. 

What's your favorite TV show of the past?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Photo Fun

Photo challenge: Day 2

A picture of you and the person you've been closest to for the longest time. 

This is a photo of myself, Amanda and Pam probably circa 2003. Both were my best friends in college. I met Pam freshman year when she lived next door to me and my holy-nightmare-raging-terror of a roommate. Her room was my sanity. Amanda, oddly enough, was our Resident Assistant (she's a year older), who helped break up several fights between myself, Pam and my psycho roommate. Eventually, Pam and I moved in together and the rest is history. They were my bridesmaids, we were Amanda's bridesmaids and so on and so forth. Even though we live at least 300 miles apart, we make sure to see each other several times a year. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge!

My friend, Katie, recently told me about this thing one of her friends is doing one Facebook. The 30 Day Photo Challenge. And since she's amazing and always thinking about ways to help a sista's blog out, she suggested that I partake in such a style. 

Day 1: Post a photo of yourself and 10 facts about you.

Oh, hello!

Fun Facts About Heather

1. As you can see from the photo above, I served as a groomswoman in one of my best friends' weddings. Fact.

2. I'm allergic to 52 things including cockroaches. Mostly trees, mold and other green, leafy plant life. 

3. My high school nickname was Pixie, given to me by my field hockey coach. Apparently, my small stature and appearance in running spandex made me look like a pixie. It stuck.

4. I flew for the first time when I was 23 to Las Vegas for a work conference. 

5. I have an irrational fear of jaywalking and being struck by lightening.

6. Twins run in my family. My Nana's sister and brother and my grandfather's brothers. They apparently skip a generation. Needless to say, my cousins and I are on the lookout. 

7. I once drove my car into a ticket booth in a parking garage...with the ticket attendant inside. By accident, obviously. It was a sharp turn!

8. Just by smelling, I can tell you the difference between pig, cow and chicken manure. A skill obtained by growing up in a small farm town with the Amish.

9. From age 8 to about 15, I wanted to be a marine biologist. Mostly because I wanted to swim with the dolphins. Then reality set in...and I got a degree in Public Relations. Good thing, because Shamu's cousin killed its trainer. 

10. I took black and white film photography in college. I even know how to develop my own film using a dark room.

Now you know a little bit more about what makes me tick. Stay tuned for the next 29 days of photo fun!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Party, Party!

In honor of Julie's 27th birthday (welcome to the "I Have One Foot In the Grave Because I'm Almost 30 Club), and hubs being home, we decided it was high time to throw a party. And that's just what we did.

Complete with:
King Kong Pizza

Jello Shots

Birthday cupcakes

Drinking Jenga

Flip Cup...Boys vs. Girls. Girls reign supreme.

And puppy snuggles.