Monday, March 28, 2011

Puppy Teefs

I posted last week that a few of my closest friends got themselves some adorable puppies. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Lily, the 9 week old French Bulldog. 

One look and I was in love. She kind of looks like Peanut, but with bigger ears and a pudgier belly. 

She's an energetic little girl. She was on puppy play mode for most of the visit. But she did have a little nap right in my arms (awwww!). A few things I don't miss about having a puppy:

1. Puppy needle teeth...they HURT! The puppy nipping phase is probably one of the most annoying stages. Toes, fingers, hair...nothing is off limits.

2. Puppy bladders. Yeah...they're little. Which means they only hold liquid for about an hour at a time. That's a lot of time outside. And a lot of accidents when you don't make it out in time. 

3. Chewing. Along with the puppy teething comes puppy chewing. Lily enjoying nomming on some grass, carpet, shoes, tables...pretty much whatever she could get her teeth on. But when you look at her little face, how do you yell!? 

4. Puppy energy. They are go, go, go and get into EVERYTHING. You can't leave them alone. They're a lot like infants. 

Luckily, I now have two lazy dogs (for the most part). But seeing a little puppy tonight definitely makes me miss that stage. 

Here's the happy family all together.


Cole said...

Aww!! She's adorable!! I met a friend's puppy over the weekend and have the teeth marks on my hand as a reminder. :-)

HAS said...

As do I! But I'll still keep going back for more, haha!