About Me

Oh, hi! You've come here to learn about me? Aw, shucks. That's special of you.

Well, I'm your average almost 30 year-old. I've been married for  5 years to my college sweetheart. We're currently raising our two furbabies, Wiggles (pug) and Peanut (boston terrier). Wiggles was the first, and I will fully admit that my babying him kind of messed him up. He's needy, emotional and always needs his mama. But, you live, you learn, right?

I'm working on baking a human baby now. A little boy, due November 1. We're excited, scared, overwhelmed and overjoyed all at once. I'm sure all our new adventure in parenthood will be documented as we try to figure all this out.

Hubs is an engineer of the software persuasion. I'm in marketing. Which intertwines with my other passions like writing and anything social media. Pinterest, anyone? Some of my favorite pastimes (besides blogging) are crafting, scrapbooking, watching crappy reality television, reading, drinking lots of wine, and bantering with my equally-as-sarcastic-as-me-probably-more husband. You call it bickering? We call it love. 

We recently bought our second house ever. It's way bigger than what we need for the two of us, so thank goodness we're planning on filling those two extra bedrooms. We're experiencing the joys and perils of home ownership. Mostly joys, sometimes perils, but always interesting. 

Thanks for stopping by my little slice of the Interwebs. Hope you enjoy the show!