Friday, April 1, 2011

Linking Up for Roses and Thorns

Happy freaking Fridayyy!

I'm linking up with one of my favorite new blogs, K. Law: Inspired, for Roses and Thorns! 

Let's start with Thorns, so I can end this post on a good note.

  • Thorns for my wicked case of PMS this week. Not only did I feel like a beached whale, but I was a total beyotch. 
  • Thorns for my busted fence gate which caused my dogs to break free (see below.)
  • Thorns for Old Man Winter wearing out his welcome in these parts. I'm ready for Spring, dangit!
  • Thorns to doing this whole moving thing sans husband. I think he should buy me many pieces of jewelry to make it up to me. 
  • Thorns to the 3 terrible hair days I had right in a row.

Now for some Roses!
  • Roses for some new blog followers! And certain readers who aren't official "followers"...including my little sis who finally decided to become a daily reader (it's about damn time.) And her coworker, Allison, who has also become a reader (hey girls, heyyyy!) 
  • Roses for my sister getting her work out on this week and losing 5 pounds!
  • Roses for the random patches of daffodils around the Beltway.
  • Roses for Skype for allowing me to see my husband's smiling face from afar. 
  • Roses to my entire family finally getting on Verizon, so we can talk for free! Hubs will surely be excited to not get any more overage bills. 
Have a happy weekend!

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