Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Warning: Negative Nancy Alert

Today, this is going to be a venting post. Because, quite frankly, I'm irritated at several things right now.

1. First and foremost, Navy Federal Credit Union. My loan officer continues to ask me for my monthly 401K statement for March. Several times, I have said (in plain English might I add) that the 401K statements ONLY COME OUT QUARTERLY THEREFORE MAKING OBTAINING A MONTHLY STATEMENT IMPOSSIBLE. Today, I get the third email from him asking for our monthly statement. I almost threw the computer threw the window. 

2. After work today, Peanut was out in the yard doing her business, when the next door neighbor's German Shepherd walks by. She immediately goes straight for the mud puddle in the back of the lawn and dives into it trying to bust through the fence to say hi to her friend. She completely covers herself in mud to the point where she's completely brown and dripping. So, she went right into the tub for an impromptu bath. Now as I type this, she's ripping apart the new toy I bought her yesterday and trailing the stuffing all over the house. Bad dog.

3. I have an obscene amount of missing socks. I think my dryer is eating them. 

4. I overslept this morning because I turned my alarm off in my sleep. Fail. 

5.  I'm breaking out in hives on the side of my face, which I can only assume is my frustration manifesting itself into tiny welts. 

Tomorrow will be better though, right? 

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