Thursday, September 1, 2011

Free to Breathe 5K

After over 4 days of agony, our power finally returned last night around 6:30PM! About 2 minutes after it came on, you could hear all the neighbors outside cheering in celebration, followed by the simultaneous shutting off of all the generators. Thank you, Lord for hot water, a cold fridge, TV, dishwasher, washing machine...

In other news, last Saturday, right before Irene swept the coast, my family and I participated in the Free to Breathe 5K. Yes, that's correct, I completed my first 5K. I didn't run it all, but I ran enough. I finished in 40 minutes, which I know is horribly slow, but I'm signing up for another very soon!

In addition to the glorious feeling of crossing the finish line, Team Nana had many a cause for celebration. We raised $2,393 for lung cancer research, awareness and education. We got this sweet trophy for being #1:
Me accepting our team trophy.
Julie and I before the start of our first 5K!
Left to right: Aunt Chris, Uncle Kevin, Momma, Uncle Dan, Aunt Wendy
Left to Right: My sister, Cousins Ryan, Kaylin and Keenan
Hubs after the race. Yes, that's a pool of butt sweat. Ew.
Big winners for Team Nana! Chris with second overall, Keenan with first in his age group and Kevin with third in his age group.
Kevin, the top fundraiser for the entire event.

I'm SO proud of my entire family for participating! This is our second year and I can't wait for the third!

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Cole said...

Way to go!!! You have a family of super stars!