Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Walk Down Wiggle Memory Lane

You know how sometimes you just come across a bunch of old photos that you completely forgot existed? Tonight, while updating my iPod with the new Muppets album (obviously...what, you didn't download it yet? Liar.), I came across a slew of photos of Wiggles. From baby to present. And I thought I would share a few of my faves. Because, darn it if he wasn't a cute puppy. He was a BAD puppy, but he was cute. Therefore he got away with way too much. Because really, look at that face. Hard to resist.

 First night home. Proud new puppy mama. Terrified Wiggle face.
Another one of terrified Wiggles. This was after his first bath. 

  One of many puppy naps. We caught him with his tongue out. 

Puppy's first Christmas - 2005. The same year his mom and dad made things official and got engaged. 
 He got a hold of this watering can and pranced around the house with it for days. Yes, pranced. Yes, he might have effeminate tendencies. 
 Hide and seek. 
 First snowfall. 
Happy pug. 
 One of my all time fave pics. Just chillin' on the couch. No big thing. 
Adorable raincoat from Auntie Katy that we got him to wear for all of 5 minutes. 

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