Sunday, September 11, 2011

Basement Renovation

It's been 5 months since we moved into the new house, and we're finally getting around to getting stuff done. More specifically, the basement ("man cave") is now being renovated. 

When we first moved in, it housed a small stage in the corner which took up huge amounts of room. Hubs, 2 friends, and the help of a power saw ripped that thing right out. Here's where it used to be. 

We still really haven't figured out it's purpose. The people before used the basement as the playroom for their kids, so the stage held a tiny table and chair set. Perhaps the people before them had big dreams of stardom? Broadway? Stand up comedy?

You'll also note the lovely shade of salmon carpet we're dealing with. Oof. It's U.G.L.Y. We'll be getting that ripped out and replaced when this thing is complete. 

The design of the basement is weird. It houses a fourth bedroom and has a HUGE laundry room. Way bigger than is needed. And it ate up a lot of room. So we had that whole wall taken down and new one built.

Those cabinets in the middle were all in the laundry room. We'll be reusing them for storage and a bar! 

And, although the paint color isn't too bad, it's too dark for a basement. We opted not to have the wood paneling removed/dry-walled over (to keep the budget down), so we are painting it a nice off white. Officially called "Silky Bamboo." 

This was before I got paint all over me. Hair, clothes, arms, face. I'm so messy. 

I can't wait until this reno is done, so I can banish hubs to the basement for video game playing. And I can get back to watching copious amounts of trashy reality TV. And I can FINALLY get my house back. Right now, everything is just spread out upstairs until we can give it a permanent home. 

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Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

I hear ya, renovating a basement is hard work and super annoying until it's done!