Friday, September 2, 2011

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you'll agree that this has been a L-O-N-G week. This time last week? We were hunkering down to deal with that beyotch, Irene. Thank goodness for this long, Labor Day weekend. I've desperately got to restore order to my life. 

Let's talk fitness. This week got a little hairy without the power...mostly because of the lack of hot showers around these parts. And the fact that my shins felt like they were on fire.

Sunday: I was called into work to deal with hurricane crises, so no workout. But this was a rest day from the 5K I did the day before.

Monday: No formal "workout." Instead? We sawed giant limbs off our downed trees. And I found out that hand-sawing gets your body sweating and your heart pumping.

Tuesday: I hit the trail near work for a 2 mile run/walk.

Wednesday: My shins felt terrible, so I headed home. Then, when the power came back, I went on a crazy cleaning spree.

Thursday: 30 Day Shred and 6 week 6 Pack

Friday: Today, I'm headed for some new running shoes, so I can save my shins.

And tomorrow? I'm planning a morning 5K for myself. The weather has finally turned lovely, and the scorching heat and humidity seem to have hit the road for a while. So I'm taking advantage of it.

How did YOU do with fitness this week?

PS - If anyone has any tips on shin splints, help a sister out, puhlease!?

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Aly & Aaron said...

Good running shoes and lots of stretching are the only things to even moderately help with my shin splints.

I hate working out my arms, but totally NEED to- I found Beach Bangin Biceps... it is 4min30 seconds of non-stop small weight lifting. I've done it 3 times this week because it's short, but I can still feel it :) at least it is something!