Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Randoms

This week has flown by, which is good, considering I was bitching about it on Monday. Tomorrow's Friday and I only have a half day of work before I'm off to Pittsburgh. 

I'm leaving my husband alone for another bachelor weekend. Which means beer, pizza and video games. Followed by annoying little messes. Maybe at the very least he'll get out to mow the lawn. If it doesn't rain for the 40 millionth time this week. 

Today, I'm picking up my first ever Craigslist purchase on the way from work. A bookcase which will be perfect for the one of the rooms that I'll eventually get in order when the basement is done. I've also picked up a quart of espresso looking paint to refinish it with. And at the same time I picked up yet ANOTHER gallon of paint for the basement, along with a quart of a delightful grey/blue for an accent wall I've just decided to paint in the dining room. 

Looks like in another 2 weeks I'll be able to get the house in order and get some more pics up!

Happy Thursday (Grey's Anatomy night!)

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