Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pumpkin Lanterns

When I decided to take two full boxes of mason jars from my grandmother's house, I just knew they'd come in handy. No, not for canning. Silly. For crafts!

Again, with the aid of Pinterest, I found the inspiration to make these "adorable" pumpkin lanterns. And I use the word "adorable" in quotes, because my that's what my husband called them. I wasn't sure to be flattered or scared. 

To make these, you'll need:
  • Mason jars
  • Orange paint
  • Black paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Spray sealer
  • Floral wire 
  • Ribbon
Glass can be super tricky to paint. There is paint formulated specially for glass, but I found that mixing Mod Podge with acrylic paint makes it stick pretty well. I made a mixture of one part of each. 

Step 1: Paint the outside of your jar orange. The number of coats is up to you. I just did one.

Step 2: After the paint dries, paint on a pumpkin face using your black paint.

Step 3: Attach floral wire around the rim and over the top to make a handle. This is tricky and I actually ended up hot gluing it down. 

Step 4: Spray with sealant.

Step 5: Tie a bow with your decorative ribbon on the handle.

Step 6: Add a tea light and enjoy! 

Are you all making any Fall crafts? 


Mod Podge Amy said...

These are so cute - I love that smiley one on the left especially!

Lisa said...

These are way too cute and way to easy! I missed the idea for Halloween but I am already coming up with ideas for Christmas and LED tealights!!! Thanx for the awesome idea!! :D