Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fitness Friday: Are You Giving 100%?

Holy crap, has it really been a week since I've blogged? That's not cool. I guess life has got itself in the way. It's been a busy week, full of stuff for work and working on the house. Hubs and I have taken on the tedious job of cleaning and sealing the deck. You need a full week of dry weather and sunshine to be successful, and that's only something we've recently had around these parts.

But let's talk about fitness for a minute, afterall it is Fitness Friday. 

Question: When you work out, do you give it all you have 100 percent of the time? That's a good question to ponder. 

My answer to that, sadly, is no. Why? I'm not sure, but I'll tell you how I figured out. It started with a convo with hubs about how my running was going. I told him fine, some days better than others. Then he asked if I could consistently run a mile without stopping. The answer to that, I'm ashamed to say, was no. And he asked why...why after months of trying to become a runner can I not run a measly mile? 

So, this afternoon, fired up with anger from hubs questioning my dedication, I set out for my run. And I said to myself, "Self, you will run this damn mile and give it all you got, even if you drop over in the middle of the street." 

So I did. I ran that mile. Even when I wanted to stop. And at the point I would normally stop and walk, I talked myself out of it and kept going. And I kept going and going. This begs the question, why haven't I done this all along? And the answer?

I have no idea. I don't know why I sell myself short, convinced it's too much. Maybe some days it is? But how will I ever get better if I don't challenge myself? And how do I find the motivation inside myself to dig deeper? 

Not sure. But I guess I need to figure out how. Any ideas?

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