Monday, October 31, 2011

Button Monogram

Recently, my place of employment had a huge consignment sale. It's a really big thing every year, and this year was the first time I decided to check it out. 

Thank goodness I did. 

My love of Pinterest and all the ideas I've gotten from there made the trip very worthwhile. My first purchase was a big bag of buttons. Lucky for me, they had them all broken down by color. Amazing. So I snatched up a big bag of blue buttons (and then immediately felt like my Grandmother, who hoarded buttons in her day.) But I had an objective for them. Actually, several objectives. The first? A button monogram. 

There have been several ideas that I'd taken off of Pinterest, like:

Source: via Ruth on Pinterest

Source: via ReneƩ on Pinterest

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

I also found, on a recent trip to Goodwill for craft supplies, these metal and wood hanging frames. There were $1 each, and they looked like something that I could use. So I picked them up. Not sure where you'd be able to find them, but I'm pretty sure canvas or a wood block would work just as well. The metal part, I painted white (it was a gross rusty color before.)

Then, I painted the frame blue and free handed a script A. I put the buttons down first to create the pattern before I glued them to make sure they were exactly how I wanted. Once the pattern was good, I took my trusty glue gun and glued those suckers down. Now, it's hanging in my hallway amongst some photos!

I still have half a jar of buttons, so it looks like I'll be perusing Pinterest for more projects!