Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home Projects

I love owning a home. I really do. But the endless list of things to do can really catch up to you. 

We've been in a constant state of disarray since taking on the basement renovation. There's furniture everywhere that it shouldn't be. Clutter that's taking the form of piles, bags, etc. But I know it will be worth it in the end. When I can kick hubs downstairs and he can finally have his own little oasis. Because as much as I love him, I don't love the fact that I can sing all the songs on the Madden 2012 soundtrack. Or recite repetitive lines from Gears of War.

This weekend we took on the tedious, time-consuming task of staining and sealing the deck. Although the deck is relatively in good condition, we figured we would get it sealed up for winter. We don't want it to start graying and falling apart like the deck in our previous rental house. 

Though it took about 6 hours of labor, several gallons of stain/sealant and a few stinkbug casualties, the results were worth it. 

I also got some items together for the front porch to make it festive for the Fall. 

Now left on the list? Oh, you know, things like painting the dining room, painting the ugly gold electrical covers throughout the house, shampooing the carpet...and so it goes on. 

But I guess the home is always a work in progress. 

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