Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Cooking Husband, You Say?

I've decided to it's time to amp up my workout routine. I'm not abandoning running, since I'm determined to get better at it, but I'm starting to work out twice a day, a few days a week. 

And let me tell you, when my alarm goes off at 4:45 AM (that's, of course, with a half hour of built-in snooze time), I am NOT ready to get out of bed. BUT, so far, I'm on day 3 of this little routine and it's working out just fine. 

I'm doing an hour long workout in the morning (a video, kind of like Jillian Michaels but more intense) five days a week and running 3 days a week. 

Since this is a lot of work, and I do it in addition to all of my other daily tasks (you know like, working full time, cooking dinner, cleaning, doing laundry), hubs and I came to an agreement. He will be cooking dinner for us twice a week. Which is HUGE. 

He's not really a cook. Not because he can't do it, but because he chooses not to. But now, I'm getting to see the his true blue culinary skills. Last night was his first meal shift for the week. Our dinner? Buffalo Chicken Wraps. They were delish. And were prepared with minimal questions (i.e, where's this, where's that, where's everything.) 

I cannot tell you how blissful it was to sit down and relax (watch DVRed reality TV) while my dinner was being made for me. AND he even cleaned up. I could get used to this. 

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