Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's Going On With Me Now?

I saw this idea on, where else, Pinterest. I've been lacking for blog content, mostly because I'm waiting for the basement to be done and my house to be put back together so I can unveil it :)

Here's a list of things I'm currently doing:

Listening: Right now? Rain. It's a rainy day in Maryland. Are you shocked? But if I were to plug in my iPod right now, I'd be listening to either Owl City or Mumford and Sons.

Eating: Well, I'm not currently eating anything, but I do have a lovely dinner of thai peanut noodles planned.

Drinking: French Vanilla coffee and water. Gotta hydrate.

Wearing: My staple black pants and a ruffled red shirt with black flats. 

Feeling: Ho-hum and tired. Probably because of the rain. It looks more like Seattle than Baltimore. 

Weather: Rainy. Grey. 68 degrees. 

Wanting: Material stuff? Some shelving for the basement and living room for books and DVDs. Non-material? A day off. Who doesn't though, right?

Needing: More coffee. A nap.

Thinking: My mind has been consumed all week with what I need to get done before the carpet goes down in the basement. And also what I need to clean. Because I feel like I'm seriously behind in that department. Sometimes, I truly wonder how I'll ever keep up with laundry, cleaning and cooking when I have a child. How do people do it?

Enjoying: Sleeping with the windows open at night. One of my favorite parts of Fall.

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