Monday, February 14, 2011

Waiting...and Waiting...and Waiting

I forgot how stressful buying a house can be. The stress of selling a house is still fresh in my mind from the disaster that was our sale in NJ (by the way, they charge you 3% of the sales price of your house, if you make a profit, just to sell it...that's ON TOP of all your other fees. Fun.)

While hubs has been home, we finally found a house that we love and can both see us raising a family it has a great yard and a 2 car garage. Something we thought we'd never have.

So, we put in a bid. Only to find out there were 2 other offers on the table! What the heck!? I thought we were in a recession, people? Why all of the sudden are people spending their money on real estate? This wasn't supposed to happen!.

Now, we're familiar with this feeling because in 2007 when we bought our first house, we bid on it and so did 4 other people. By the grace of God, we got the house. Not because we outbid them (they were all full price offers), but because the sellers like our story on paper (young newlyweds, first house, blah blah blah.)

Once again, we're in the real estate competition. And the worst part? The waiting. It's literally agony. We got a call today saying that one of the offers was rejected, so it's down to us and someone else. What did we do? Increased our offer. Here's hoping it gets us somewhere.

I've been staring at my phone all day. Every time I walk away, I come back hoping to find a missed call from my realtor. They're supposed to make a decision soon, but until then...we wait. And the possibility of a rejected offer haunts my dreams. Because not only does that mean we lost the house, it also means that the search is on hold for another 3 months because hubs goes back overseas next week.

But, if it's meant to be, it will be, right? I really hate that phrase right now.

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