Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't Whiz On the Electric Fence (Remember that song?)

We had our home inspection on Sunday and, much to my surprise, the inspector only found minor issues! 

I usually plan for the worst, because that's usually what happens to us. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I thought maybe they'd find out that it was sinking into the ground, or the foundation was in shambles. 

But, we were lucky! We're only asking for minor repairs, which is good news. 

While we were there, we saw about 3 families of deer. Which pretty much solidifies the fact that Peanut is going to go out of her mind when we move in. 

There's no fence, and the HOA doesn't allow you to have one, so we're looking into the electric fence. You know, the one that gives the dogs a little shock when they pass the border? It sounds cruel, but I've gotta keep these dogs in the yard somehow. And with the amount of time it takes Wiggles to find the perfect spot to poop, I won't have the patience to walk with him after having a fence for the last year and a half. 

Needless to say, that will be one of our first major purchases, along with a riding mower. When did we get so adult? 

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