Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh, Hello 2011!

2011 is finally here! And I can't say I'm very sorry to see 2010 go. Peace out.

I got to spend New Year's Eve with my other two husbands, aka, Christopher and Funk. They've been my pretend husbands since Nile's been gone. 

And Chris's brother, Matt and his girlfriend, Jenny.

And our host, Nathan. Remind me, the next time I go to a party at his bachelor pad, make a list of things for him to buy before the party starts. Like cups...and food...and beverages.

I was only missing hubby and Julie. She was stuck working that night. That's when having "untraditional hours" at a job really screws you. But the cardiac patients aren't going to take care of themselves.


I've been thinking about my resolutions. For some reason, I can't seem to get inspired. Perhaps it's the recently funk I've been in. But, alas, here's my list so far:

1. Lose weight. Duh. This will forever be my resolution.

2. Buy a house! That's a pretty big one. It's time to stop throwing away money on rent and becoming a part of the wonderful world of home ownership again.

3. Get pregnant! Yep, it's that time to start making little Heather and Nile's. Now I just need my husband to come back to the US. It's hard to get started on this resolution without him.

4. Go on a damn vacation! Preferably Europe, but now we're thinking about doing the resort thing again that we did for our honeymoon. We realized the other day that we haven't had a true vacation like that since we got married. 

5. Take advantage of the local activities. We started doing this last year. We've visited some parks, the dog beach, the zoo...but there's a lot more I'd like to see. And I know once we have kids it'll get harder.

I feel like I should be listing a lot more goals. But, like I said, I'm lacking inspiration today. Perhaps it will strike me this week, so stay tuned.


Stace said...

I like your resolution of taking advantage of local activities...i just might steal it for myself!!

HAS said...

Stace - I want to explore Annapolis this Spring. Let's put that on our list of stuff to do. Yep.