Friday, January 21, 2011

Central PA Grammar

Every area of the country has their own dialect. Growing up in Central PA, this was no different. I didn't realize, however, that not everyone said things like we did. Not until I went to college. My Nana and Grandma had their own phrases for things that I look back on now and think are hilarious. Most of the sentences below are taken from times they were scolding my sister and I for doing something wrong and/or stupid. 

It's rare that I use any of these, but perhaps you'll recognize a few:

"Red Up"
From: Grandma
Meaning: To clean a room
Sentence: You girls need to go red up the living room before your parents get home.

From: Nana
Meaning: You all
Sentence: If I let youns have a cookie, you better not tell your mother.

"Pitch a Fit"
From: Nana
Meaning: Throw a temper tantrum
Sentence: Your mother's going to pitch a fit if she comes home and sees you two aren't in bed.

From: Grandma
Meaning: Sofa
Sentence: Heather, get your feet off the davenport right this instance!

"What's the score?"
From: Grandma
Meaning: What's going on? Give me the update.
Sentence: What's the score? (Duh.)

"Oh my Glory"
From: Nana
Meaning: Oh my a nice way that doesn't denounce our lord and savior
Sentence: Oh my Glory, you girls better clean up that mess right now!

From: Nana
Meaning: Cherry
Sentence: I'd like a piece of churry pie please.

From: Nana (and now my mother)
Meaning: Color
Sentence: Did you get your hair kelered?

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