Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In the Event of Zombies...

Hubs and I have been househunting since he got home last week. We're moving this search into super warp speed because I want to find something before he leaves again.

We saw 7 houses last Saturday, and here's an excerpt from a conversation we had at one of the houses:

Hubs: What's that thing?

Me: I think it's a wood stove.

Realtor: It's a pellet stove actually.

Hubs: Well, I think it's ugly. We'd have to have that removed.

Me: Why would we pay to have someone remove a piece of equipment that's perfectly funtional?

Hubs: Because it's an eyesore and takes up a bunch of valuable room where I could put my crap. Besides, we'd never use it.

Me: I disagree. In the event of a Zombie apacolypse, this pellet stove would come in handy.

Hubs: You actually make a very valid point.

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aly & aaron: said...

This kills me! My life is all about wood pellets. Buy the house, keep the stove & burn New England Wood Pellets. And in the event of a Zombie apocalypse, Nile can man-up and handle it. :-)