Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog Crushes

When I got into blogging back in January 2010, I never realized that there was an entire community of women bloggers, brimming with great ideas and advice. It's been 2 whole years since I started my blogging journey. And within that two years, it's definitely been a haven for me. I place to write, get out my thoughts, set goals and connect with other wonderful women who are doing the very same with their slice of the Internet. 

It's safe to say that now I read over 60 blogs every day. All serve a very different, unique purpose. Some give great recipes, fitness tips, running advice, finance information, craft ideas, or simple make me laugh out loud. But all bring something to the table that has helped my personally. 

Of course, I would love to go through all 60 blogs and writewhy I love them so much, but that would take way too long. So I've picked a few of my faves to highlight and hope you'll stop by and give them a look. 

I Love You More Than Carrots: I've been following this blog since the very beginning. AP is a fellow Maryland transplant, who's raising her adorable son, Carter and baking another little baby boy. Her sass and snark are a bright spot in my day. And hopefully, soon enough, we'll be able to utilize her photography services for a maternity photo shoot!

Team Studer: Tab and I went to college together. I've also been reading her blog since before I started my own. She's got the cutest, most active little son, Grayson and is also baking a second girl baby that's due very soon! She's got great advice for parents of youngsters, along with great stories about her puppies, family and life. 

Mrs. Monologues: I started following her blog back when it was fluffy and way less smart-ass than it is now. She switched it up some time ago to allow her blog to be a true outlet for her writing and sassy attitude. Her sarcasm is a trait I can certainly appreciate, since that's the way I like my friends, family and passersby. The more sarcastic your humor, the better we get along. 

Running in Pearls: When I got into running (or have at least attempted to), I tried to follow several blogs that broached this very topic. However, I wanted to follow women that I could relate to. Not the marathon runner that's been running since birth and was basically raised in a pair of sneakers. I found Sonja's blog and knew that she would serve as a source of inspiration not only in running, but in life. 

First Name Smith: This girl is hysterical. Kristin is definitely not afraid to keep it real, something that I love. Afterall, blogging is about real life. She doesn't sugar coat the highs and lows of parenting her adorable son, Smith. And she likes a good glass (or box) of wine. A girl after my own heart. 

Sunny Side Up: We all know that one of my resolutions this year is to get more organized. I've drawn so much inspiration from Erin and her amazing organizational skills. Her house, and life for that matter, are so together, it makes me want to be a better person. 

There are SO many more blogs that I love, but I'll leave you with these for now. I definitely smell a Part Deux in the future. 

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