Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions

Ah, yes. The New Year's Resolution. Many set them, few achieve them. 

I have a track record of setting them. Not achieving all of them, but certainly striving for them. Goals are an important thing to have. It gives you something to work for; a way to make yourself a better person. So what if you don't always meet them? At least you're having some ambition, right?

What are some of my goals for this year? Let's see...

  • Lose weight. Duh. That's always on my list. It will always be on my list. And although I haven't lost as much as I've wanted to this past year, I certainly feel healthier. I'd like to keep that momentum going.
  • Have a baby. Phew! That's a big one, folks. This year, I turn 29. These eggs aren't getting any younger, am I right? 
  • Run a 5K. I mean, run. Not run/walk. Run. I can do this one. I just have to set my mind to it. 
  • By the same token, be able to run 30 minutes straight. The above and this one go hand-in-hand.
  • Organize my crap. Yes, we have this big house now. Meaning we have more places to shove crap. Leaving it an unorganized mess. Well, my friends, it's time for a change. I hate clutter. Clutter clouds my mind. So I'm working on the house room by room. Stay tuned. I have my first project in the works.
  • Take more time to create. Sure, I craft occasionally. Pinterest has certainly offered a source of inspiration. Now it's time to actually start completing more of the projects that I pin.
  • Get back in touch with my spiritual side. I really need to reinvent my relationship with God. I feel that I've lost it over the years and I really need to commit to rebuilding the spirituality I once had. That doesn't mean going to church every week (at least not for me,) but putting my trust in Him and turning to Him for support and guidance.
  • Stop swearing like a sailor. I've GOT to stop with my potty mouth ways. It's unbecoming. And I can't have my kids cursing as soon as they can talk. Now, let me be clear here. I'm not going to stop swearing all together. I'm just going to stop swearing like a sailor. Got it? Let's not have unrealistic expectations.
That's a pretty good list, don't you think? What are your resolutions?

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