Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pet Peeves

Everyone has their personal pet peeves. Today, I experienced one of mine, which inspired this blog post. A list of pet peeves:

1. Running in the office - Seriously....where do you have to go that's SO important?! The color copier? The water cooler? Perhaps the supply closet? Today, some lady from another department (not one of my coworkers :) ) busted out into a FULL sprint. I wanted to stop her and ask her where she was going that was so important. Was she late for a meeting? Perhaps she was about to lose her bowels? Was she going to warn someone of an impending natural disaster? There's no excuse for running in the office, unless you're running from a fire, gunman, tiger or you're going to crap your pants.

2. Improper grammar - This is just the PR/Marketing/Writer in me, but improper grammar makes me cringe. I have several friends that can surely appreciate this, including my super picky husband. I especially hate mix-ups like "they're & their", "you're & your", "where & wear"...two totally different meanings. Seriously.

3. People that walk down the aisle of the grocery store/Target/Walmart and are so oblivious to their surroundings that they either block your desired product of purchase, or run into you - Seriously, you all know you've ran into these people. Perhaps sometimes you've been this person. I have on occasion...it's unavoidable...mostly at Target when you get completely engrossed in a certain item. But there are poeple that are just like this.

4. Mopheads - Also known as Bieber hair, Skater hair, or Emo hair. On teenage boys, it drives my out.of.my.mind. Nile probably gets more irritated with this than I do. He once yelled to a group of teenage boys to cut their hair...and later he came home to a keyed car. Guess they showed him. Punks.

       Bieber Hair     
Skater Hair
Emo Hair

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