Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Shower for Junior!

Some of you may know that my sister-in-law, Vicky, is pregnant with her first baby. Nile and I couldn't be more thrilled to have a new little one so close to us! 

Today was Vicky's baby shower. She's from Ireland and apparently bridal and baby showers are not something that the Irish do, however I can imagine if they did there would be whiskey and Guinness involved. 

I love listening to Vicky talk about baby stuff, because the terminology for most things is so different in Ireland. Such as:

  • A diaper is a "nappy"
  • A pacifier is a "dummy tit"
  • A stroller is a "buggy or carriage"
Plus, everything baby that she refers to is "wee". Hehe :) It's a "wee pair of socks"or a "wee onesie". Small is not a part of her vocabulary, and I love it! 

So, we don't know the sex of the baby. I guess in Ireland, most people don't find out because it's bad luck. In turn, we've been referring to baby as "Junior". 

Here's some photos of the shower and the mommy-to-be:

Myself, Vicky and Junior

All the other mommies giving Vicky advice

Gifts from Auntie Heather and Uncle Nile (by the way, that bib says "Early Riser" bwhaha)

There were many frog, monkey and giraffe themed gifts. Vicky loved this froggy onesie.

Awesome gift! The wine is called "Mommy's Time Out" She got a basket full of "mommy only" gifts like chocolate, wine, Starbucks gift card.

There you have it! We can't WAIT to meet Junior and find out whether it's really a Junior or Juniorette! August 5 is the big day, but apparently she's measuring early, so this little one might meet the world in July! It makes me so excited for us to have babies :) Until then, I'll settle on being Auntie Heather. 

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