Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fitness Update

It's been a little while since I've posted a fitness update, so here goes.

Today, I received Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred in the mail. I found Workout 1 On Demand a few weeks ago and did it a few times, so I decided to order the full package online.

I thought that I could be able to move to Level 2 (there are 3 levels) I attempted it today. I got through...barely! I'm pretty sure walking and stairs will be an issue tomorrow. I think I'll go back to Level 1 for a little while. 

The workouts are quick...20 minutes with a light warm up and cool down. Her method is 3 minutes strenth training, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute ab work. You do 3 of these 6 minute circuits and during that time, have your butt completely handed to you.

Anyway, I give it 2 thumbs up. I've heard good things about it, so I'll check back on progress.

As far as my 5K training is concerned, it's going as well as can be expected. I started running outside, so I'm set back a few weeks because it's way different from the treadmill. Since Baltimore is currently experiencing a record-breaking heatwave, running outside in the evening has been impossible. It was 106 when I got in the car to come home from work yesterday...enough said.

I have it in my plans to get up in the morning and run to avoid some of the heat. That was my plan today...and yesterday.'s still my plan. We'll see how it goes. I like my sleep a whole lot.

As far as going to the actual gym...I haven't been there in a while, since most of my workouts haven't needed gym equipment. I'm keeping the membership though because it's my idea to run in the morning and strength train at night.

Anyway, I'm headed to take a long, hot shower. And take several Advil.

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