Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tastes of Baltimore

This weekend, my friend Katie came to visit. In addition to the copious amounts of shopping and wine drinking we did, we also had the chance to visit two fabulous restaurants in the Baltimore area. 

If you know me, you know I'm completely obsessed with sushi. I can legitimately say that I could eat it every day of the week. I had my favorite place in New Jersey, Megu ( and I've been trying to find a place that can compare around here. 

I think I found it.

After about 4 hours of shopping, Katie and I headed down the street from the Arundel Mills Mall to the Red Parrot Asian Bistro ( The sushi was amazing! The fish was very fresh and well prepared. If you ever have the chance to dine there, I would highly recommend the Dynamite Roll, Rainbow Roll, and the Rock and Roll. Nile had me order him a roll to bring home, and of course he had to pick the only one on the menu with a crazy name....the Hot Sexy Mama Roll. He said it was delicious, so it was worth it. I believe it consisted of calamari tempura, avocado, jalape├▒o and tobiko. 

This morning, Katie and I met up with Nadia in Fells Point for brunch at Regi's Bistro ( Being in Maryland now, I fully took advantage of the abundance of crab and ordered the crab cake sandwich. The thing that I love about crab cakes in Maryland, is that there's no fillers...just enough to hold the crab together. My good friend and Maryland resident, Chris, once told me to never order a crab cake that's less then $15, because it wouldn't be good. So I've stuck to this rule, and observed the price tag of $16.95 on the menu before ordering. Delicious. 

It was a great weekend. You would think Katie and I would want to go out and explore Baltimore, or go to the bar on a Saturday night, but no. We came home, got into our PJs, opened a bottle of wine, and played Connect Four and Perfection with Nile and Chris. That's right, the kid's games. They are ridiculously fun, even as an adult...made more fun by the addition of wine. Katie and Nile battled for an hour at Connect Four, which ended with the score of Nile - 47, Katie - 0. That's ok, Nile happens to be Champion of the World in Connect Four. No one ever beats him.

Now for a little football to end the weekend.


Katie said...

I'm practicing my Connect 4 skills as we speak. First I'll start sober and increase my alcohol intake as I feel I gain ability. That way, by the next time I come down there I should be able to at least win one game (and I should be near alcholism by that point as well).

My goals in life are high.

HAS said...

You do have high goals...but I think that's also unattainable.