Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Poem, for Nana

Tomorrow is the Nana's viewing and Monday is the funeral. It's already been really hard, but tomorrow will be the worst. I didn't get a chance to see her before Hospice took her away, so I'll have my time to say goodbye tomorrow.

In any case, I wrote this poem to read (or have the Pastor read) at her funeral on Monday. I thought I would share it with you all.

Among the Angels

The cancer came so quickly

It took us all by surprise
It made her grey and sickly
And sadness grew in her eyes

Her battle was long and hard
And ended in defeat
It left her bruised and scarred
And swept her off her feet

Her courage always amazed us
She never gave up hope
Her spirits were always high
Which helped us all to cope

Now God has come to end her pain
No longer could she suffer
We gaze upon the bed where she’d lain
And don’t know how to begin to recover

We know God came and took her hand
Her time on earth was through
He led her to his sacred land
And said, “This is my gift to you.”

“Join me in this great eternity.”
The Lord said as he opened the gate
“Your life of love has led you to me
And now your paradise awaits.”

“Look below to see the loved ones you’ve left behind
I know you’re sad to leave them
But they’ll never be far from your mind.”

“Now, look beyond the heavens
And choose for me a star
I’ll light it in the evening sky
Reminding them you’re never far.”

So now, my friends, as you begin to gaze
Upon the starry, twilight sky
You’ll see a star that shines so bright
You’re sure to wonder why

That’s Nana’s star up in the sky
Burning bright from Heaven’s gates
To remind us that she’s looking down
Upon us every day

We’ll keep her in our hearts, you see
As we live from day to day
But we’ll always know, when we see that star
That she walks among the angels, always.

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