Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun Fitness Adventures

Getting in shape can only be compared to a violent relationship. The beatings hurt, but I keep coming back for more. Although, the end result should be worth it.

Monday night, I opted out of the Body Jam class, and went to another Spinning class. This time, I went to the earlier class which was instructed by a woman named Helena. She was very fit and muscular which made me think that she was going to totally destroy my world. However, she proved to be quite the opposite. I expected this Jane Fonda-esque type of energy out of her, but I was let down. She kind of sounded like "Debby Downer", which really doesn't make you want to put yourself through an hour of torture. I think her attitude was probably partially due to the fact that she wasn't in full cycle gear like my buddy Tom.

Besides the physical workout, let's talk about some of the other elements of the class.

  1. The music SUCKED. I mean it. First of all, she snuck some oldies in there and those of you that know me, know that I DESPISE oldies music. I would definitely classify the music as Adult Pop/Top 40 circa 1994...which is not condusive to making me want to kick my own ass.
  2. Probably the highlight of the entire class was when the door opens, and in walks what appears to be a chubby female. Picture this: Army crew cut hair, with the top of it dyed bright ORANGE. Black sweatband, Gold's Gym tank top and the hairiest armpits everrrrrrr! She kept me entertained for most of the class.
  3. I spent a good portion of the class trying to do the least amount of harm to my no-no place. I got some good advice from other people regarding positioning, but I'm pretty sure with all the wiggling around I did in my seat, people probably thought I was trying to hold in a very large bowel movement.
So, in conclusion, Spin is turning out to be something that I enjoy. I enjoy my buddy Tom way more, so I'm going to try and attend his classes the most. However, there's 3 other instructors, so I should probably sample all of them. Variety is the spice of life, right?

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