Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today, I ventured out of my comfort zone and attended my first spin class at the gym. How was it? In a word...


Good torture though. I worked up a great sweat, apparently burned about 900 calories, and bonded with my instructor Tom at the beginning of the class. He spotted me staring at the bike, then fiddling with the knobs to try and make the pieces move. Thank God he stepped could have gotten ugly.

As I suspected, my no-no spot is beginning to ache because you're positioned in a not-so-natural way on these bikes. Tomorrow is going to be quite a day...I'm pretty sure stairs will be completely out of the question.

There were a good mix of men and women. I was the only first timer there, which was a little intimidating, especially since my buddy Tom pointed me out at the beginning of the class. "If it's your first time, raise your hand. You, in the front, it's your first time! Let's give her a hand!" Thanks, Tom...really.

So, let's review the things I hated about it:

  • It hurts my baby maker
  • It just plain hurts
  • Tom is a little too enthusiatic for my liking
  • Some of the music was questionable...I'm pretty sure that Nickelback made an appearance
Now, for the things I like:

  • I burned 900 calories in an hour...big bonus!
  • Tom kicked my butt and made me push myself
  • Tom wore a little cycling hat with the brim turned up, padded spandex, and a sweet cycling shirt
  • I liked at least 3 of the 11 songs
  • The lights are turned out during class, so I didn't feel like everyone was looking at me and laughing
  • I feel...I mean, really feel the burn
Next week, Nile will join that he understands it will not make him sterile. Katie suggested he get himself a pair of padded spandex. He's seriously considering it. If he does, check back for a picture of that sight.

Next up on my list of cardio adventures...Body Jam. It kind of makes me want to show up in a leotard, tights, and a sweatband...think Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" video. But instead I'll just come in my sweats and tshirt. Much less stylish.

That's on Monday. Stay tuned for that stop on my way to fitness victory.

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Vernita_J said...

Heather - This is a wonderful blog. Thanks for my Friday laugh. It was better than my people of walmart emails. Miss ya! Vernita