Monday, December 5, 2011

Joy Sign Project

What would Christmas be without a little arts and crafts time? Just par for the course in this house. Me and my glue against the world.

I got myself some letters at Michael's to spell "Joy." I planned to do a similar treatment to that which I did for Halloween...scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.

I had one off letter (a little scissor mishap) while I was cutting, which gave me a fabulous idea. I traced all the wooden letters on holiday scrapbook paper. 

Cut them out and adhered them to another piece of green cardstock using a thick coat of Mod Podge. 

Paint a cheap thrift store frame white and add some Christmas ribbon with my trusty glue gun. 

End up with a cute little sign for the cost of the $1 frame and $2 ribbon! 

Happy Christmas Crafting! 

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