Friday, December 9, 2011

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday!

This week has been different for me, fitness wise. I decided to focus mainly on the treadmill, getting my cardio in and concentrating on running. Because, guess what? I still have barely lost any weight. After being on the Lose It app tracking my calories for a few weeks, I've only lost 3 pounds. And that goes back and forth. 

Let's take yesterday for instance. I stepped on the scale in the morning, right after my workout. I lost 3 pounds since the last time I stepped on...about a week and a half ago. 

But then, today, I decided I wanted to see that number again, so I stepped back on. Guess what? It says I gained 2.5 pounds since yesterday. Which simply cannot be the case, because not only did I work out for over an hour yesterday, I stayed below my calorie count. And I refused birthday cake...AGAIN...for the second time this week! 

So, if I gain weight refusing the birthday cake, can I lose weight eating the birthday cake? That is, indeed, the question. Because we have birthday cake at the office AGAIN today. For the third time this week. 

Anyway, my week panned out like this:

Sunday: Nothing
Monday: 40 minute run/walk
Tuesday: 45 minute run/walk
Wednesday: Nothing (it was a bad, bad day)
Thursday: Shred Level 2, 45 minute run/walk, and some serious furniture lifting/moving
Friday: 40 minute run/walk
Saturday: This is going to be up in the air. I have a party to get ready for at our house, so I'll either have time to get a run in or be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Any advice? I swear, some days I feel like a skinny chick walking around in a chubby chick's body. People would never look at me and think I exercise OR watch what I eat. Le sigh.

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Smart Ass Sara said...

I'm with you. Except I have done nothing... so that is pretty much my own fault. BUT keep up with your exercise because it will start paying off. And stop stepping on the scale- because my weight wasn't going down but my pants were falling off... so I hope your pants fall off too. Hopefully not in public. :)