Friday, December 16, 2011

Fitness Friday

Phew! Here we are. Friday again. My favorite day of the week!

You all know that I've been a tad down on myself this week. Hence the sad face posts. However, once again, my incredible family and friends have come to my rescue to help me get my shit into perspective. A very special thank you to my dear friend Katie, who not only showed me immense support, but also brought just the right amount of sarcasm. She never disappoints. And to my momma and sister? You're amazing. I love you both. Thanks for keeping me sane.

This week's fitness has, once again, focused mostly on cardio. The treadmill and are have become real good friends. I've decided, after much deliberation, that I'll be focusing mainly on cardio from now on. My goal is to shed fat, not gain immense amounts of muscle. Which is exactly what I've been doing. And that's great, and eventually that's what I'll want, but first I need to get rid of the flubber. 

Also, although I've not lost weight persay, I've lost some inches. Which is fabulous. Some on my thighs and about 3/4 inch on my waist (which is what I really need to lose!) So that's good motivation.

Here's my week:

Sunday: Nada. Recovering from the party.
Monday: Treadmill - 40 minutes run/walk
Tuesday: Kickboxing and Treadmill 30 minutes run/walk
Wednesday: Treadmill - 40 minute run/walk (13 minutes straight run)
Thursday: Nothing.
Friday: AM Treadmill - 20 minutes run/walk (10 minutes straight run), PM Treadmill planned -  30 minutes incline walk
Saturday: Treadmill - 40 minute run/walk

Now? I'm going to enjoy my weekend before the holidays. Perhaps go to a comedy club with hubs and friends and have a good belly laugh. Happy weekend to you all!

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