Friday, December 23, 2011

Fitness Friday

Merry Almost Christmas! I can't believe Christmas is really snuck up on me this year. 

We're gearing up to go to my parent's house for the weekend. And there's going to be plenty of food to be had. I've been trying hard to keep myself in check this season, and so far, I've done pretty well. I haven't completely denied myself holiday treats, but I've certainly limited them. If I had eaten all the cake, cookies and treats in my office right now, I'd weigh at least 50 pounds more. 

Plus, I've been keeping up with my work outs. The treadmill has been awesome. I'm so glad we decided to get one. Except we're going to have to get some kind of heavy duty air freshener because our basement smells like a dirty sweat sock after hubs or I are done. 

I've been trying to increase my running bit by bit. Hubs challenged me to start with 10 minutes straight running, then increase a minute every other run. Today, I'm up to 12 minutes. I'm working towards 30. 

I also got some great workouts from my friend Jen who used to be a personal trainer. They look intimidating, to say the least, but she says they'll torch calories. So I plan to add those into the mix starting in January.

I haven't done too well getting up in the morning this week. Sleep seems to win out. But I did manage a few days. It makes it easier to get 60 minutes in when I can split it into 2, 30 minute sessions. 

This week:

Sunday: Nothing
Monday: 60 minute run/walk
Tuesday: 60 minute run/walk
Wednesday: 45 minute run/walk
Thursday: 45 minute run/walk
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: I might get up and use my parent's elliptical. It's all up in the air. 

Have a very, very Merry Christmas! 

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Shana said...

Happy Christmas to you!!!
ANd keep up the great work (outs)!!