Monday, August 1, 2011

A Refreshing Dip in the Pool

This weekend, the temperature dropped to a brisk 96 degrees here in the great state of Maryland. High humidity and a 100 percent chance of me sitting my rear in the AC. I'm not made for outdoor activities, unless there's something to significantly cool me down. Like, say, a pool.

Hubs and I made the executive decision this weekend that it was high time we got one of our very own. So we did. 

See! Our pool! Do you love the rainbow and ladybug as much as I do? This cost us a whole $10 at our local Walmart. We thought for some reason it was smaller. But turns out, it was big enough to fit the whole family. Hubs, me, Peanut and a reluctant Wiggles. We all hung out on the deck, sitting in our pool. What do you suppose the neighbors thought?

It was just a warm up to the real pools we'll be lounging next to in Costa Rica in t-minus 3 days! 


This Farm Family's Life said...

We have that same pool at our house!!!

Heather said...

I bet you use it for your kids and not your furbabies, haha!