Friday, August 19, 2011

Be Kind: RSVP

Let's talk about something that's been getting my panties into six different bunches this week. RSVPing. 

You're invited to a party, where you're kindly asked to answer whether or not you'll be in attendance. You've been given a month's worth of advanced notice. And asked several times to please respond so that said hubs and I said party hosts will be able to plan for food and beverages accordingly. 

Because, as much as I love pasta salad, I don't want an extra pound of it sitting around my house for a week. And I'm making Oreo cookie pops and Lord knows we don't need a jar full of extras hanging around. Because they'll end up in my mouth, and subsequently on my arse. 

And because I'd rather not spend $100 in extra beer/food if I don't have to. And since this is an actual event rather than a simple backyard BBQ, it requires extra work. Like props, game set-up, bracket-making and the like. 

It's the day before the event and I only have a handful of RSVPs. And a big smattering of line teedlers (yes, that's the technical term for people that have not yet decided on their event attendance.) 

It's increased my stress level, to the point where hubs made up a new word for my attitude: Pritch. That's a combo of bitch and prick. Which came out while I was a raving lunatic running around Home Depot yesterday.

Though, I have the utmost faith in you all that you take the initiative to RSVP for the sake of the host/hostess, remind your un-RSVPing friends that it's not nice to leave a girl hanging. Because someone's sanity is at stake.

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Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

People are so bad about RSVPing and it's very annoying, actually rude, I think. Even more annoying is that some of those who do RSVP won't show up without any warning that they aren't showing up and then most of those who never bothered to RSVP will show up.