Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And There Were Monkeys!

While in Costa Rica, hubs and I decided to try and be adventurous and partake in one of the famed activities...ziplining. We were excited, nervous, and wetting our pants a little bit when we got up to the first line. But after that first ride, you could definitely understand the thrill of it all. 

Here we are suiting up to get on the lines. 

Yep, that's me zipping headfirst into the jungle. They call this pose the "Superman," and I was one of handful of people that dared to try it. 

Here's hubs zipping his way to the bottom of the jungle.

But, seriously, the best part of ziplining was waiting for us at the end. Because, there were monkeys. Not just any monkeys. Monkeys we could play with! 

Hubs and his baby monkey face, Manolo. Adorable doesn't even begin to describe it. 

These little guys were everywhere. Jumping on our heads. Trying to pick our pockets. Examining our hair to see if we were hiding any bugs. And snuggling, of course. Hubs and I were trying to figure out a way to get one back home with us. But we didn't think Customs would like that. 

Seriously, the best part of our trip, by far. 


Cole said...

That is so cool!!! I'd love to try ziplining.

And those monkey... ADORABLE!

Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

oh my gosh, I wanna play with the monkeys!!!

Michelle said...

Holy monkeys! Although, in that one picture, that monkey is snuggled up right against your hubs!! Awww.

And, you're braver than I am...ziplining like Superman?!