Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Mark this down. August 23, 2011. Earthquake. In Maryland. 

Honestly, I thought it was construction on our building, until everyone else came running out of their office. Here were my stream of thoughts at that moment:

"Stupid window washers must have fallen off the roof. Wait, why is my computer still shaking? Eff! Is this an earthquake? No. Yes? Yes! Wait. What do I do? Should I hide under my desk? Should I go outside? What did we do in elementary school? I must take my purse and lunchbox. Because maybe we'll get to go home early. I need a vessel to pack my lunch in for tomorrow."

Phew! Lots of thoughts, right? Then, it hit me. Perhaps, this is the beginning of the end. Because I'm terrified of the world ending. There, I said it. Call me the crazy lady. I won't watch 2012 or any of those end of the world/Doomsday type movies. They give me anxiety. 

On my way home? Mass hysteria on the Beltway. It was like, the earthquake hit and suddenly everyone forgot how to drive. Most people that were driving at the time said they didn't even feel it. But it didn't stop several genius drivers from getting in enough accidents to cause an absolute wall of cars on my way home. My normally 30 minute commute took an hour and 15 minutes. Barf. I thought someone would have come up with teleportation by now. 

Luckily, nothing fell off the walls/shelves. The pups seem to not be traumatized. And we didn't see any major cracks in the house. 

It certainly added some excitement to the day, but I'd rather that never happen again. Mmkay? 

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Cole said...

I felt it here in Boston...but didn't realize what it was until the news came on and told me! Ha!!

Of course, then the newscasters started talking about how New England has a fairly large fault line that is like 120 years overdue to shift and give us a huge earthquake. Then they started talking about the hurricane and I had to turn the TV off before I freaked out. :-)