Sunday, August 14, 2011

Costa Rica - Pura Vida

I'm backkkk! Yes, that's right. Back in the good 'ole U.S. of A. After a week in paradise (minus humidity and some bug bites), hubs and I have arrived safely back in MD. How was Costa Rica? Amazing. Should you go? Yes. I survived the plane ride (which was shorter than I thought.) 1.5 hours to Hotlanta, 3.5 hours to Liberia, Costa Rica. And the Liberia Airport? One gate. No joke. And no AC. Also no joke. 

Some pics, you ask? Why, yes, I took plenty. We had some adventures. Some relaxation. Lots of people watching (including nicknames we had for several groups...more on that later.) There were monkeys, ziplines, sun, sand, water, lots of food (hello, 5 pounds - oof) and frozen cocktails (and unfrozen cocktails.) 

To start, here are some scenes from the resort and beyond. I'll be posting pics over several days (only the best ones) because I have too many for one post! 

The Costa Rican motto: Pura Vida (Pure Life) - So true of this country!

Next post? Costa Rican adventures. Complete with monkeys (!!!) 

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