Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Wednesday

I'd like to share with you a random recap of my day.

First, I woke up and knew I had a UTI. Awesome. You know, that pressure you get? No idea how I got it, but I did. 

So after a failed attempt to get an appointment with my doc, I persuaded them to call in a script for me. They told me the doctor (not my normal one) would be calling me to talk about my symptoms. And he sure did. The first question out of his mouth was, "Do you have any new sexual partners?" Ha! I laughed. No, I'm not having an affair. There's no harem of lovers for me while hubs is gone.

But the next question was my favorite. 

"You know to wipe front to back, right?" Um, yes, Doc. My momma taught me good hygiene. 

I picked up my script and after one dose am feeling no relief. Le sigh. 

Then, I came home to start a frenzy of chores. Weedwhacking ::gag:: Taking out the trash ::heave:: Pulling weeds ::barf:: I'm trying to get this place in shape for the new tenant, because it's the right thing to do. 

And while I'm doing this, my dear, sweet Peanut decided to have playtime in the mud. Full on mudslides for this dog. So in the bath we went. And for good measure, I got Wiggles in on the action. Because, why not? 

Then I decided to try and trim his nails. Which I usually don't do because he literally requires a sedative before he gets them done. But I was feeling brave. Let's just say I got two nails and had to stop for fear the neighbors would call the cops. He sounds like a small child being beaten to death. Seriously. It's unbelievable.

And now, here I am. Blogging instead of packing. Because I'm only left with oddly shaped, random objects that don't fit right in my remaining boxes. 

But, hey...I'm almost done!


Cole said...

Sounds like quite the day, Heather!! I hope tomorrow is much better. :-)

Kathie @ Like A Box Of Chocolates said...

I hope things get better soon!