Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving - The Good, The Bad

Let's talk Turkey Day. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that's really changed for me over the years since I've been married. 

When I was single, it was a day when my grandmother, Nana, sister, mom, dad, 2 aunts, 2 uncles and 4 kids would gather around the table and dive into my mother's turkey with the trimmings. It was loud. It was crowded. But it was what I knew and loved. 

Enter marriage. Becoming a couple means that holidays now have to be split. So, Thanksgiving is now dedicated to hubs' fam. Christmas is my fam. 

Thanksgiving to me now means:

1. Traveling over 3 hours in one day to see hubs' family. It's exhausting.

2. Gorging myself on hubs' sister's pumpkin roll. 

3. Pouring over all the Black Friday sale papers directly after turkey consumption.

4. Coming home after a long drive and trying to pass out on the couch, while two crazy, cooped up dogs want to play.

5. Fighting with hubs on who gets the leftovers.

6. Debating on whether or not I should muster up the energy to get up at the ass crack of dawn and head to snag some Black Friday deals. Sleep usually wins.

7. Getting out all the Christmas decorations and going to town. By the time I'm done, it looks like Santa threw up all over the house. 

8. Dragging hubs to get a Christmas tree. Making him hold about 10183 of them and "shake them out" so I can get a good feel for what they'll look like in my living room.

9. Starting my yearly tradition of slowly converting hubs from his scrooge-like state to enjoying every minute of the holiday season. This is complete with all holiday activities like cookie-baking, music-listening, gift wrapping, light putting-up.

This year? We're chopping down our own tree. As in, heading to a tree farm, picking the prime pine, hacking it down and dragging it to the car. I can only imagine this trip will end up like a scene right out of Christmas Vacation. 

You know what though? I'm very, very thankful that hubs is back in the country. Because this time last year? He was overseas for work. And I was missing our Thanksgiving and holiday traditions. Now that I'm married, the holidays will always be where he is. <3 

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Cole said...

You can totally convert him to a holiday-lover! I know you can!

I owe you an email. I promise a response is coming. :-)