Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gamer Husband?

When I met hubs about 8 years ago, I knew he was a video game addict. From the minute I walked into his dorm room and saw his Xbox and strewn about games like NBA Jam, I figured if I liked him it was something I'd have to get used to.

Now? We're the proud owners of almost every video game console out there. Because, hey, the man does now discriminate when it comes to gaming.

Many women ask me "How do you deal with a husband that plays video games all the time?" Well, ladies, it's really not that bad. And honestly, over the past few years, he doesn't play nearly as much as he used to. He usually keeps it in moderation (except for this Fall, when apparently, all the most awesome games of all time were released.)

Here are the negatives:

1. Nodding and pretending to hear every word you say while he's playing a game. I've learned to try and not tell him anything of importance while he's playing, or else it gets lost in his brain. My messages typically get boxed out by Gears of War. If I really MUST communicate with him during game time, it's wise to make him pause. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Online gaming can be stopped for no one. If dinner gets done in the middle of him playing Madden online, then dinner waits until his game is done. Because he can't simply just stop, right? That screws up all his points (and stuff.) Good thing we have a microwave to nuke his cold food.

3. Noise. Now that we have the surround sound back, I can hear gun shots echo throughout the house. And when he's playing online with other people? The yelling and screaming can be downright irritating. 

4. Ignoring you for games. That doesn't happen too often, but with the influx of new games that were just released? I'm being ignored pretty regularly. And, yes, I've tried the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" routine. Not my cup of tea.

The positives:

1. He's made some amazing friends through video gaming online, which in turn means I've made some pretty amazing friends myself. You can laugh and judge and call us super nerdy and weird, but these are some of the most fun, hilarious, genuine people I've ever met.

2. His time playing games equals time for me to spend doing stuff I want. Like watching reality TV...or making crafts. Sometimes it's nice to go to our separate corners of the house for a while. 

3. I can nap on the weekends and he doesn't bitch about it. Also a plus. 

4. I can go to bed at 10PM on a Friday night, and he has something to keep him occupied. Yes, I go to bed at 10PM on Friday. It's usually been a long week. Give me a break.

5. There's always something to get him for Christmas/Birthdays. 

In reality, it's a rare occasion that I bitch about him playing games. It's his hobby. Something that he loves and relaxes him. And who am I to take that away, right?

Well, ladies, do you all have gaming husbands? How do you deal?

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Nikki said...

Dave is the worst kind of video game addict, his game of choice is World of Warcraft.

These WoW players take everything SUPER seriously. Next time you see Bruce ask him to tell you the story of the Dragon mount.

How do I cope? I'm still figuring that out on a day-to-day basis!