Tuesday, November 8, 2011

iPhone App Crazy

I may have mentioned recently that I finally ditched my old Samsung phone and got myself a sweet iPhone 4S. Needless to say, I'm in love with it. Besides my iPod Nano, this is really my first experience with an Apple product and I have to say that it's lived up to its name. 

What did I do the first day I got it? Well, other than asking Siri a million different questions, I went right to the App Store and started downloading like crazy. 

I have a few apps right now that I LOVE, but I'm also looking for other suggestions for worthwhile, useful and fun apps. 

Here's what I'm working with now:

Lose It: This has really helped me keep track of my calories. And here's to hoping it helps me lose some weight. It's so easy to have all of the calorie counts and records at your fingertips. It's much better than when I was on Weight Watchers because for one it's free, and for two, I don't have to be near a computer (although I do realize they have an app now too.) Plus, my most favorite feature, I can scan the barcode on my food and it appears in the log. Convenience at it's finest.

Pandora: I had always listened to Pandora on my computer at my last job, however this job blocks all streaming radio. So I was psyched to have it back in my life. And you best believe I'm hooking myself up with a Christmas station.

Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest: Duh. I'm a social media whore, remember? Of course these three were the first to be downloaded.

Family Feud: Yes, remember that game show? I can play it on my phone. And I do. Every day. And I kind of kick ass. Just saying.

Words with Friends: I love this game, however hubs is the only person that I've connected with. And he brutally kicks my rear. Who knew an engineer could have such a great vocabulary.  So for the love of God, hit me up. I'm Heatherjp12 :) Let's play!

Skee Free: Skee ball! All I have to say about this is it's addicting. Don't say I didn't warn you. Say buh-bye to at least an hour of your life.

World's Hardest Game: See above. Seriously, I just spent an hour on this game. It's a series of mini games that get harder the farther you go. Disclaimer: there's math involved. Numbers. Some addition. Be prepared.

All of these apps were free (except I did upgrade World's Hardest Game.) However, I'm not opposed to paying for apps. So, give me your suggestions! I'm all ears :)

And if  you don't have an iPhone? Get it. Do like I did and wait until your upgrade rolls around and spend the $199 on the 16GB. 


Cole said...

I will definitely be sending you a WWF invite later!!

Matt said...

Qrank - daily trivia game (mjl225)
Camera+ - good camera app
Instagram - another good camera app/photo sharing app
Whale Trail - fun new game
Flow - uses augmented reality to pick up barcodes and book covers for Amazon.com
Amazon PriceCheck - same idea
ColorBlast! - makes photos black and white and then lets you paint in color on specific objects
Hipstamatic - another good camera app with many filters
Diptic - lets you create photo collages with several different panes/layouts
Agenda - if you're a big calendar user, it's a nice replacement to the default calendar app