Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Invisible Fence

When hubs and I moved into our new house, there was one thing I knew we were going to be missing. A fence for the dogs. Not because we necessarily like the looks of a fence, or the maintenance, or the weedwhacking, but because we have an OCD pug who takes about an hour to find the perfect place to poop. And quite frankly I don't have that kind of patience...or time to piss around in the morning. 

So we went and got ourselves an Invisible Fence. Now, before you go reporting me to PETA for animal cruelty, hear me out. Our dogs like their freedom. I like their freedom. It's nice that they can run around the yard without worrying about them getting hit by a car or humping the neighbor's leg. I read the reviews. The good, the bad. And as of a week ago, we were the proud owners of this fence. 

We started the training exactly like we were told. And Saturday was their first day of freedom in the yard. Sure, there were some shocks...literally. Both dogs attempted to go out of the yard to chase birds, but they learned quickly. And the statement, "this hurts me than it hurts you" is so true. Hubs and I cringed every time they got close to the boundary. 

And as good pet parents, hubs and I decided we needed to see exactly what we were doing to our pets. So we strapped the collars onto our arms and ran through the fence ourselves. It only seemed fair. And honestly? It wasn't too terrible. More surprising than anything. Kind of like when you put a 9 volt battery on your tongue. 

So, two thumbs up for the new fence. The pups have a new found sense of freedom, as do hubs and I.

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