Friday, July 29, 2011

Fitness Friday

It's been a big week in fitness for me. Why? Because this week, I ran an entire mile without walking! 

Many of you might say "So what? It's only a mile." True. It is only a mile. But it's a mile I haven't been able to run since say, my freshman year of college. And it means I'm one step closer to being able to run the 5K on August 27th.

And honestly, I haven't figured out why all of the sudden I could run a mile. I've been doing the run/walk intervals from Couch to 5K for about 5 weeks and I was kind of sucking. But I'd also been running in the heat and humidity. Wednesday was a morning run. Lovely temps. 0% humidity. Perhaps that's it? Whatever it was, I like it. And I'll be trying for another tomorrow morning. 

Here's my workout breakdown for this week:

Sunday: 30 Day Shred with Jillian

Monday: 2 mile run/walk intervals, squats, lunges, abs
Tuesday: Cardio kickboxing at home (because the martial arts classes are booked for another 2 weeks) Upper body strength exercises.
Wednesday: 1 mile RUN and .5 mile walk. I clocked my mile at about 9:15...which I'm not sure where that came from either. 6 Week, 6 Pack with Jillian in the evening.
Thursday: Rest day - because damn if my legs didn't feel like they were on fire.
Today? I was supposed to get up to run, but sleep won. I think I'll be doing 30 Day Shred and then getting up to run tomorrow morning before the heat hits. 

How'd you do this week?

PS - Stay tuned for the announcement of the Bondiband giveaway winner this afternoon! 

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